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    Kasumi Goto

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    Kasumi is a master thief hired by Cerberus to aid Commander Shepard on his mission to stop the Collectors.

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    Kasumi Goto is a human thief mentioned in news reports on the Citadel and Illium. On the Citadel, she has reportedly stolen several priceless works of art; on Illium, she was reported to have stolen an omni-gel converter prototype.

    Loyalty Mission: Stolen Memory

    The Vault
    The Vault

    Commander Shepard is contacted by Kasumi through a hacked holographic advertisement in the Citadel Security Customs area of the Citadel. Once Shepard gives her the pass phrase "Silence is Golden" Kasumi will speak freely with Shepard about joining their team. Unbeknownst to the commander, the Illusive Man made a deal with Kasumi in return for her services. Kasumi will inform Shepard that she requires their help to break into the vault of an arms dealer named Donovan Hock, to get her deceased partner's Graybox back. This will require Shepard to go undercover at Hock's party and bypass all of his vault's safety measures, such as a DNA Scanner and Voice Recognition System.

    Once Shepard and Kasumi beak into the vault and acquire her partner's Graybox, they must fight their way through hired Eclipse mercenary's and finally meet up with the shuttle craft at the rendezvous point, but not before having a final showdown with Hock.


    • Kasumi is the second DLC character for Mass Effect 2, released on April 6 for $7 (560 Microsoft Points/ BioWare Points).
    • Kasumi will also comment on the various happenings on the ship including the escapades of Sergeant Gardner, how Gaby and Kenneth would make a "lovely couple," her interest in Jacob Taylor, and Shepard's love interest (if Shepard hasn't a love interest throughout the franchise, additional unique dialogue will be absent) to name a few.
    • Voiced by Kym Lane (aka Kym Hoy).

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