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    Kasumi Todoh

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    Kasumi Todoh is a character from several SNK fighting games. She bears a grudge against Ryo Sakazaki and the Kyokugen school of karate for the humiliation of her father.

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    Kasumi Todoh is Ryuhaku Todoh's daughter who is introduced in Art of Fighting 3. After her father's defeat in the first Art of Fighting and subsequent disappearance, she went looking for Ryo to get revenge. However, her mother Mizuho doesn't exactly approve of this, as she would rather see Kasumi concentrate on being more like a proper lady and less like her father.

    Art of Fighting 3

    In Art of Fighting 3, a sixteen-year-old Kasumi travels in search of Ryo Sakazaki in order to avenge her father. In her arcade mode, she fights Ryo after defeating Wyler, who is otherwise the game's standard final boss. In this game, Kasumi is not a fluent English speaker and must rely on a Japanese-English dictionary whenever she wants to say something. This is referenced during one of her win poses in The King of Fighters '96 and '98 Ultimate Match: she flips through her dictionary and says "Come back when you grow up!" in English.

    In her ending, Kasumi manages to defeat Ryo, but before she can continue her assault, her mother appears and scolds her. Mizuho then apologies to Ryo for Kasumi's attitude and states that Ryuhaku is in training in another country. Before departing, Kasumi gives Ryo her headband as a reminder that they shall fight again one day, and repeatedly insists that Ryo keep his promise until her mother orders her to be silent.

    The King of Fighters

    Kasumi makes sporadic appearances in the The King of Fighters franchise. Her rivalry against Kyokugen Karate is carried into KOF, with Kasumi even joining an "Anti-Kyokugen" team alongside Malin and Eiji Kisaragi in King of Fighters XI. However, unlike Eiji, who wants to defeat the one fighting style that has eluded his clan, and Malin, who simply hates Yuri Sakazaki, Kasumi wants to achieve victory against the Sakazakis to restore the honor of the Todoh dojo and convince her father to come out of hiding. In the team's ending, to the annoyance of her teammates, she humorously mutters "Where is my father?" repeatedly as they prepare to ambush members of the Kyokugen Team in a restauraunt. The entire team is subsequently knocked out by King when their ambush fails.

    SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom

    In SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom, Kasumi appears as one of the playable characters on the SNK side of the roster. In her story, she is once again on the search for her father. Among the various pre-battle conversations with her opponents, she humorously gets defensive when Chun-Li compliments her legs and desires to know how Kasumi keeps them in shape; the joke here being that Kasumi wears a hakama that completely obscures her legs, whereas Chun-Li's own legs are exposed and are known to be shapely and powerful.

    Fighting Style

    Kasumi's official fighting style is Todohryu Aiki-Jujitsu. Unlike her father, who is infamous for having only one special move in the original Art of Fighting, Kasumi has a variety of special techniques.

    The moves listed below are a mix of Kasumi's techniques in The King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match, The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match, and The King of Fighters XI.

    Command Normal

    • Elbow Thrust: Kasumi performs a downward thrust with her elbow, followed by her forearm. Both attacks must be blocked while standing.

    Special Moves

    • Kasane Ate (Ecstasy Crunch): Kasumi swings her hand downward, creating three waves of energy. This move can be performed while jumping. Some games give her an anti-air variant, where she creates three (much smaller) waves above her head. This was her father's single special move.
    • Senkou Throw: A "rekka" style move that can be entered three times. The first input initiates a horizontal chop and a palm to the face, the second input gives a low chop, and the final input activates a roundhouse kick. KOF XI seperates the two attacks from the first input (adding an extra input to the move) while giving the player an opportunity to "fake" the final roundhouse kick.
    • Dual-Palm Bullet: This move is present in some games instead of Senkou Throw. Kasumi slides forward with both of her palms outstretch. If that move hits, a second input will cause Kasumi to throw the opponent over her head (Two-Handed Repeller), while a third input (Shell Smasher) will result in Kasumi slamming her palm into then.
    • Lightning Crack: Kasumi assumes the Kasane Ate pose, but instead fires a short projectile by stomping on the ground.
    • Hurricane Halberd Press: A command grab. Kasumi quickly performs a body blow, horizontal chop, low kick, and an uppercut that launches the enemy into the air.
    • Heavenly Rotation: Exclusive to KOFXI. Kasumi holds her hands in the air. If she hits a standing or jumping opponent, she performs an underhanded throw that launches the opponent into the air
    • Snow Peak Punch: She quickly crouches before uppercutting the opponent. She is autoguarded while crouching.
    • Invincible Body Blow: She holds her hands in the air. If she catches a jumping attack, she throws the opponent into the ground.
    • Fakeout Punch Kick Crunch: She holds one hand out and the other close to her face. If she catches a standing attack, she steps forward and kicks the opponent away.
    • Two-handed Repeller: Kasumi gets on one knee and holds her hands close to the ground. If she catches a low attack, she throws the opponent over her head.

    Desperation Moves

    • Chou Kasane Ate (Ultimate Ecstasy Crunch): She fires a series of large ki-waves. Once she swings her hand, the attack will activate regardless of whether the opponent hits her or not. In some games, an aerial variation, which fires waves downward, is available.
    • Mind's Eye - Vine Fall: A counter move that serves as Kasumi's Leader Desperation move in KOF XI. Kasumi performs a pose similar to that of Fakeout Punch Kick Crunch; if she is struck with any physical attack, she throws the opponent over her shoulder and pounds them into the ground. Unlike other Desperation Moves, the "super flash" doesn't occur until after Kasumi catches an attack.
    • Shiranui Steel Press: A command grab DM. She shoves her palm into the opponent's midsection with such force that it creates a shockwave around her feet. The opponent falls to the ground as if they were KO'd.
    • Dual Ultimate Ecstasy Crunch: Kasumi's Hidden Super Desperation move. Kasumi poses for Chou Kasane Ate, while a shadowy silhouette of her father jumps behind her and also assumes the pose. Together, they perform a Kasane Ate that reaches the top of the screen. As Ryuhaku jumps away, Kasumi quickly peeks behind her shoulder before returning to her normal pose.

    Other Appearances

    Kasumi appears in the Capcom vs. SNK series, namely all three Card Fighters game, SVC Chaos, and in Capcom vs. SNK 2 (during some of her father's intros). In Card Fighters and Card Fighters 2, she is a 400/4 character who can discard 1 Action card to lower the opponent's HP by 300; in Card Fighters DS, she is a 400/500 character with no ability.


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