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    Catherine-320 is a member of Noble Team in Halo: Reach and a Spartan-III. Her right arm is cybernetic, due to a war injury sustained protecting Carter-259. Kat and Carter are the last remaining members of the original Noble. Her callsign is Noble Two.

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    KAT - 320

    Lieutenant Commander. She is a strong woman, and she will fulfill the mission as she is told. She doesn't take no for an answer.

    • (P)MOS: 18E
    • Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
    • Location: CLASSIFIED
    • Gender: F
    • Birthplace: MONASTIR, NEW HARMONY
    • Birth Date: 30/01/2530

    SERVICE #: S-320

    PERFORMANCE: Exemplary combatant; brilliant cryptanalyst - there hasn’t been a system yet she hasn’t been able to crack. However, she does tend to dig a little deeper than mission parameters require on occasion - and there have been times when NOBLE’s proximity to classified matériel has made me rather nervous.

    COMMENTS: S-320 is an inspired tactician; this is certainly related to her ability to acquire and digest information. There are times when S-320’s ability to read a situation - even with what many would consider cripplingly limited INTEL - could be described as supernatural. Unfortunately even having MAGICAL INTEL can’t protect you against a fatal lapse of situational awareness. To wit: S-293 was KIA during an OP that S-320 had put together [22/04/2552]; S-320 is now convinced that S-293’s death rests solely on her own shoulders (S-259 is likewise convinced that he is solely responsible for S-293’s death). Eventually I hope to be able to get it through their thick Spartan skulls that Thom is dead because he chose to pursue a group of enemy combatants ON HIS OWN rather than wait for backup.

    NOTE: S-320’s refusal to resubmit her certification for the P_A(r)/NCSI-AMA is more than a little frustrating. She says she submitted her certification papers on 04/08/2551 and refuses to budge. My records show that she qualified expert level with the P_A(r)/NCSI-AMA [04/07/2551], but LOGistics/Matériel Command claim they never received said notification and state that unless they receive said certification in a timely manner the P_A(r)/NCSI-AMA needs to be returned immediately. In the meantime there is no way for me to stop getting spammed from LOG/MC with reminders. This has been going on entirely too long.

    Role in Halo: Reach

    Kat acts as the tech expert of the group. She's the one who establishes communications with Holland at Visegrad to alert the UNSC of Covenant presence on Reach. She's also a planner, she comes up with the plan to to put a slipstream bomb inside the Covenant super cruiser to blow it up.

    She fights alongside Noble 6 during the mission ONI: Sword Base where she assisted in the capture of key defense and communications stations. Kat also plays and integral role in the destruction of Covenant AA cannons in Tip of the Spear.

    Her sudden end happens about halfway into the game. After evacuating all survivors from the city of New Alexandria, Noble Team meets up in a sky scraper to see on what to do next. Suddenly, the Covenant decide to start glassing the city near Noble team's position causing a massive fire storm that blows out all the windows and knocks out all electronics, so they decide to make a run for it. Just when they step outside the building, an Elite Zealot fires a needle rifle from a Phantom drop ship and straight into Kat's skull, killing her instantly.

    Kat is voiced by Alona Tal in the game.


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