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    Kat is an amnesiac girl who is stranded in the strange town of Hekesville. She has the power to manipulate gravity through the help of her mystical cat, Dusty.

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    Kat is the gravity-defying protagonist of the PlayStation Vita exclusive, Gravity Rush. Kat has lost her memory through a series of events, and crashes into Hekesville, a floating town surrounded by black holes and empty space. She then runs into a mysterious black cat named Dusty, who reveals to her early on that it is he who gives her the power to defy gravity. Using these powers, Kat resolves to help others in any way she possibly can, while also trying to piece together her clouded past.

    The details of Kat's origins are unknown, due to the aforementioned amnesia. However, it is evident that she lived at the top of the world pillar prior to falling to Hekesville, and is heavily implied she held a position of great power - possibly a queen due to some of the nature of Kat's dreams. She was not a happy queen, as her queenly duties often burdened her greatly. It is assumed that something catastrophic befell her world, leading Kat to "give up", causing her to eventually fall to Hekesville, where the events of Gravity Rush unfold.

    Sony revealed that Kat would be a downloadable character for their brawler, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, free for the first two weeks.


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