Katamari Hack

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#1 Posted by RafaelMei (355 posts) -

This shit is awesome! I've already rolled up Giant Bomb, going for my next targets soon.
Also, multiplayer sounds effing crazy

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#2 Edited by Sweep (10174 posts) -

Yeah, just found this as well!  

EDIT: Javascript doesn't seem to work with the Giant Bomb text editor so you are going to have to check the site for the code ^__^


Copy it into the address bar of google chrome let's you play a fun little browser-baser Katamari Damacy game ^__^ 
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#3 Posted by Weltal (2304 posts) -


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#4 Posted by Manhattan_Project (2252 posts) -

One word: Twitter

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#5 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -
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#6 Posted by Weltal (2304 posts) -
@The_Laughing_Man: I had to go here and use the bookmark link to make it work.
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#7 Posted by Sweep (10174 posts) -
@The_Laughing_Man: Cant paste the javascript into the giantbomb text editor for some reason. Weird :S
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#8 Edited by EuanDewar (5160 posts) -
Only works in Chrome, if you were already using that then well i'm afraid you're rather stuck.
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#9 Posted by LordAndrew (14601 posts) -
@Sweep: JavaScript can be used for evil, so it's not allowed. Too bad, because I had great plans for your session cookie.
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#10 Posted by Gerhabio (1996 posts) -

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#11 Posted by Kjellm87 (1735 posts) -

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Ha ha ha, this is great
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#12 Posted by TooWalrus (13391 posts) -

That's totally rad, love it.

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#13 Posted by ChristianCastillo (1186 posts) -

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#14 Posted by crusader8463 (14757 posts) -

I did this on an article about the earthquakes in japan and instantly felt terrible after...

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#15 Posted by Gamer_152 (14480 posts) -

I don't think this qualifies as a hack but I've played around with it before and it is very fun.

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#16 Posted by Stete (782 posts) -

This is titsawesome!

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