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    Katamari Forever

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 22, 2009

    Katamari Forever is the first game in the quirky Katamari Damacy series for the PS3. It's a combination of old and new levels in high definition with all-new music.

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    Known as Katamari Damacy Tribute (塊魂トリビュート) in Japan, Katamari Forever is the first Katamari game to hit the PlayStation 3, and the first true high definition entry in the series (1080p.) The game features levels from all the previous games in the series (except for Me & My Katamari, the PSP version) as well as all-new levels. The old levels feature many more objects than before, along with the HD makeover. The cel-shaded style shown in the trailer is just one of many graphical filters that can be applied at will.


    Once again, as the diminutive Prince of all Cosmos , you are tasked with putting all the stars back into the sky. This time the reason for them being destroyed is that one day the King of all Cosmos went up into the sky and got hit on the head by a giant space rock. Because of this he has lost his memory and cannot fulfil his duties as king of the universe. In a panic, all the cousins band together to create RoboKing , a temporary robot replacement. After using the tutorial to create the RoboKing's reactor core, the cousins discover that there is a glitch in the system and the RoboKing flies up into space and destroys all the stars with his laser eyes before falling back down to earth. Now with the RoboKing's glitch fixed, your objective is two-fold: team up with RoboKing to put all the stars back where they belong, and go into the real King's mind and relive older missions in order to help him restore his memory.


    Example of Katamari's Graphics.
    Example of Katamari's Graphics.

    Katamari Forever features new graphic filters that change the way the game looks. The game calls these "Tones." The filters known about so far are:

    Normal Tone

    - The standard look for the game.

    Wood Tone

    - This gives everything a wood grain finish.

    New Tone

    - Makes everything pastel colored and cel-shaded.

    Comic Tone

    - Another cel-shading tone, but with more primary colors and thick black outlines.

    Mono Tone

    - All objects are black and white.

    Pencil Tone

    - Everything is shaded as if drawn with colored pencils.

    New Challenge Modes and Gameplay

    Katamari Forever adds new challenge types to the series repertoire. One challenge sees the level stripped of its color, while rolling up objects brings their color back. This new "coloring" mode will be known as "RoboCosmo". You'll do this mode for a member of the King's family called Lobo. Another challenge gets rid of item collection altogether and features a sponge ball that soaks up water from pools. As you roll it around the barren landscape, plants bloom in the ball's wake, with much the same effect as Amaterasu's powers in Okami.

    Other bonus modes that become available after beating a mission are Katamari Drive, Eternal, and Katamari Classic. In Katamari Drive mode your Katamari will automatically move forward only giving you control on turning. In this mode timers are shortened because of the speed at which you move. Eternal Mode is a mode that was introduced in the older Katamari games. In this mode you can go through the level without a timer, this mode is best for finding cousins and Royal Presents that you have not gotten already. Lastly Katamari Classic mode takes away the power ups in the game and also the prince jump. You have to get through the level based on how well and efficiently you can roll up objects.

    The game also adds power-ups to the familiar gameplay in the form of the RoboKing's broken heart. This allows players to have items nearby automatically suck towards them and attach to the Katamari. There is also another version of the power-up where you gain the ability to have things sucked towards you for a period of time while you roll instead of just all the items around you at that moment.

    Online ranking is available for some of the challenge levels.


    Roll forward:

    Press both analog sticks forward Roll backward: Press both analog sticks backwards

    Turn left (or right)

    : Press both analog sticks diagonally up and to the left (or right)

    Roll left (or right):

    Press both analog sticks left (or right)


    Press in the opposite of your current direction

    Face left (or right):

    Press one analog stick up or down.

    Quick rotation left (or right):

    Press one analog stick up or down, and press the other analog stick in the opposite direction.


    Hold the left and right sticks while facing a step or wall.

    Prince Dash (move forward quickly):

    Quickly press both sticks up and down, in sequence.

     If you want to get here, you need to learn how to play!
    If you want to get here, you need to learn how to play!

    Prince Turn (180 degree turn):

    Press L3 and R3 buttons simultaneously.

    Prince Hop (Jump):

    Quickly shake the controller up or down, or press R2.

    Prince Look (Look around the surrounding area from the Prince's point of view):

    L1 button

    Normal Eye / Miracle Eye (During Prince Look):

    L2 button / R2 button.

    Katamari Look (View your katamari from the surrounding area):

    R1 button.

    Zoom out / in (During Katamari Look):

    L2 button / R2 button.

    Camera Prince (Photographer Mode):

    Press Circle button during Prince Look or Katamari Look.

    Expand Photo (During Photographer Mode):

    Triangle button

    Shutter (During Photographer Mode):

    Circle button

    Move line of sight (during Prince Look, Katamari Look, Photographer Mode):

    left stick


    Start button

    Vibration ON/OFF:

    Select button


    Disc One

    1."Katamari on the Rhodes"Katamari on the Rhodes1:30
    2."Katamari on the Wings Vocal: Takuya Oohashi (from Sukima Switch)"塊オンザウィングス Vocal:大橋卓弥 (fromスキマスイッチ)4:25
    3."Katamaresort Song Vocal: Saigenji"カタマリゾート・ソング Vocal:サイゲンジ4:52
    4."Bluffing Spirit (Refreshed by GUIRO) Re-Arrangement: GUIRO"つよがり魂 (Refreshed by GUIRO) Re-Arrangement:GUIRO5:00
    5."Katamari on the Rocks (5cm Prince Remix) Remix: AFRA"塊オンザロック (5cm Prince Remix) Remix:AFRA5:32
    7."Galactic S-O-U-L Remix: Buffalo Daughter"Galactic S-O-U-L Remix:バッファロー・ドーター7:31
    9."Scorching Savanna High School Performance: Horikoshi High School Band"灼熱のサバンナ高等学校 Performance:堀越高等学校吹奏楽団6:45
    10."Houston (Re-Arranged by KIRINJI) Re-Arrangement: Kirinji"ヒューストン (Re-Arranged by KIRINJI) Re-Arrangement:キリンジ4:35
    11."Cherry Blossom Color Season (fanfare mix) Re-Arrangement: Beautiful Hummingbird"さくらいろの季節 (fanfare mix) Re-Arrangement: ビューティフルハミングバード5:55
    12."Lonely Rolling No More Vocal: Yuusama & Natsukohan"Lonely Rolling No More Vocal:ゆうさま&なつこはん5:39
    13."You are Smart (RAAGINIA SOFT MIX) Remix: SOFT"You are Smart (RAAGINIA SOFT MIX) Remix:SOFT9:44
    15."SHADOW AND LIGHT Vocal: Shigeru Matsuzagi"SHADOW AND LIGHT Vocal:松崎しげる5:28
    16."Green Village"Green Village2:17
    17."Fuga #9998"Fuga #99981:45
    18."Fuga #9999"Fuga #99992:48

    Disc Two

    1."Katamari On The Funk (Señor Coconut's "Katamambo!" remix) Remix: Señor Coconut"Katamari On The Funk (Señor Coconut's "Katamambo!" remix) Remix:セニョール・ココナッツ4:43
    2."A Crimson Rose and a Gin Tonic (YMCK 8bit Mix) Remix: YMCK"真っ赤なバラとジントニック (YMCK 8bit Mix) Remix:YMCK3:17
    3."Everlasting Love You Vocal: Leah Dizon"Everlasting Love You Vocal:リア・ディゾン6:07
    4."The Royal Academy Of Katamari (Kimitaka Matsumae Remix) Remix: Kimitaka Matsumae"The Royal Academy Of Katamari (Kimitaka Matsumae Remix) Remix:松前公高6:22
    5."Everlasting Love (atom™ remix) Remix: atom™"Everlasting Love (atom™ remix) Remix:atom™3:45
    6."Sayonara Rolling Star (Yuri‘s Mixx) Vocal: Micazo"サヨナラ Rolling Star (Yuri‘s Mixx) Vocal: Micazo6:36
    7."Katamari Spirit"Katamari Spirit1:07
    8."Katamari Dancing All Night Vocal: King Robo"Katamari Dancing All Night Vocal:王様ロボ5:22
    9."The Moon and The Prince (and LEOPALDON MIX) Re-Arrangement: LEOPALDON"月と王子 (とレオパルドンMIX) Re-Arrangement:レオパルドン5:30
    10."Mushroom Parade"Mushroom Parade1:02
    11."Do Re Mi Katamari Do (-rh rehabilitation re-arrange-) Re-Arrangement: rei harakami"ドレミカタマリド (-rh rehabilitation re-arrange-) Re-Arrangement:レイ・ハラカミ4:19
    12."Katamari on the Swing (SEXY-SYNTHESIZER ALL ABOUT namco Mix) Remix: SEXY-SYNTHESIZER"塊オンザスウィング (SEXY-SYNTHESIZER ALL ABOUT namco Mix) Remix:SEXY-SYNTHESIZER4:55
    13."Robotic Vision"Robotic Vision1:23
    14."Cosmic Message"Cosmic Message1:18
    15."Be Gorgeous"Be Gorgeous2:49
    16."Nana-Nan Damacy (Hardfloor Remix) Remix: Hardfloor"Nana-Nan Damacy (Hardfloor Remix) Remix:Hardfloor8:01
    17."Nana-Nan Damacy (Hardfloor Alternative-Remix) Remix: Hardfloor"Nana-Nan Damacy (Hardfloor Alternative-Remix) Remix:Hardfloor8:45
    18."Last Chaotic Ambience"ラスト・カオティックアンビエンス3:56

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