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    Katamari Forever

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 22, 2009

    Katamari Forever is the first game in the quirky Katamari Damacy series for the PS3. It's a combination of old and new levels in high definition with all-new music.

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    Best Katamari Since The Original


     An example of what knd of craziness goes on in this game
     An example of what knd of craziness goes on in this game

    Katamari Forever is the latest edition to the Katamari franchise. Since the original release back in 2004 Katamari has had somewhat of a cult following. Mainly because this game is very Japanese, I mean as Japanese as it can get. This game still provides that same old gameplay you know and love but that doesn’t mean it is stale. Katamari is still able to bring fun gameplay along even though it has been kind of the same for 5 years.

    This iteration of Katamari is a best hits of all the other Katamari games, not very surprising since the game is called Katamari Tribute in Japan.   Gameplay is still the same as before with a new edition of the prince hop which makes your katamari jump. The awesome quirky style to everything in the game makes rolling up each object just as fun as the next. There is also this great satisfaction of looking at something that is way bigger than you and working your way to its size then FINALLY rolling it up. 

    What will be new features to the people who haven’t played a Katamari since the ones on the PS2 is the scale. The scales of the levels have been increased dramatically, to the point where you are eventually rolling through space and have the earth you were just rolling on in your ball.  There are also some new modes that are brand new to the series including the introduction of graphics filters which drastically change up the look from the game. Also a little addition is the power-ups in the form of The Kings Heart and The Kings Broken Heart. The Kings Heart activates when you pick it up and then the screen starts going all crazy and for a couple seconds and your Katamari has a magnet effect and anything that you are big enough to roll up get attracted to you. The Kings Broken Heart works the same way but instead just everything in a larger area towards you but only for that second.

     Wait, why am I rolling up the stars I just created?!?!
     Wait, why am I rolling up the stars I just created?!?!

    In all the Katamari games the story has something to do with an accident happening then all the stars in the sky being destroyed because of it. This game is no different. One day the King is flying up into space and all of a sudden a giant space rock comes and bops him on the head. After he crashes down to earth the cousins find out that the king has lost all his memory and has fallen into a coma. So in a panic the cousin build RoboKing, a robot replacement. But there is a glitch in the system and RoboKing destroys all the stars. Same old story but in a new and amusing retelling. 

    You now have to take missions form both RoboKing and the regular King. RoboKings missions are more focused on just getting it as big as you can classic Katamari style. While the regular Kings missions are more specific, like trying to get as big as you can by only rolling 50 items, or roll up as many calories as you can while in a grocery store. Though the king’s missions are all in black and white and gain colour as you pick up items. So if you pick up a watermelon then all the watermelons in the level gain colour. It is a very nice artistic touch and it plays into the story of the King trying to gain back his memory.

    After the main mode there are 3 other modes of play to get through. Katamari Drive which has you going through all the level at lightning speed, Eternal which is unlocked in some levels and you have no time limit and Katamari Classic which takes it back to the first games and has no power ups and doesn’t let you jump with your Katamari.

    Even though this game is great all around if you’re not into Japanese craziness then this game won’t work for you. If you are new to the series or have just fallen off after the first or second games, this is a great place to get back into the franchise.

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