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Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness

Katrina is one of the main characters in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness, where she plays the role of a mysterious helper to the main character, before it is revealed that she is in actuality a vampire trying to summon the Dark One, Avoozl.

The Hero first meets Katrina outside of the Dark One's Cave, where her summoning had brought him. Without revealing herself, she sends the Hero into Mordavia so that he can unwittingly help her to summon the Dark One. During the course of the game Katrina appears in intervals and gives hints and directions. During these conversations, however, deeper feelings start to develop between the Hero and Katrina, so when she is finally revealed as the antagonist and has Ad Avis, the Hero's nemesis from the second game of the series, as a henchman, the conflict becomes more complicated.

In the final scenes as the attempt is made to summon the Dark One, Ad Avis attacks the Hero to provoke Katrina and be given the opportunity to kill them both. Katrina sacrifices herself, giving the Hero the opportunity to strike at Ad Avis.

In Shadows of Darkness, Katrina was voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

Katrina returns in the sequel, Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire, where she, along with Erana, is one of the options when the Hero has an opportunity to bring someone back from the Underworld. If revived, she becomes mortal (and loses her vampirism) and can help the Hero in the final battle. It is also possible to romance and marry Katrina in Dragon Fire.

In Dragon Fire, Katrina was voiced by Joyce Kurtz.


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