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Katsuhiko Suzuki, better known in pop'n music under the name Nazo² Suzuki, was a major contributor to the earlier pop'n music games, serving as the music director of the series from pop'n music 3 through pop'n music 7. Prior to working at Konami for pop'n music, Katsuhiko worked as a music and sound director for Treasure (itself a company made of ex-Konami video game developers). He is also credited as one of the recording coordinators of Dance Dance Revolution. After leaving Konami, he became the director of the Treasure sound team. Over the years, he's done music on games ranging from Twinbee to McDonald's Treasure Land Adventures to Silhouette Mirage.

Currently he runs the Right Gauge management/production company based in Setagaya who's main artist is Halko Momoi. (He plays guitar on most of the songs on her studio albums.) Most recently, Halko Momoi wrote and composed Sumire Uesaka's OP for the new Genshiken anime which he produced the song for.

1989/09/29Twinbee 3: Poko Poko Dai Maou (FC) (ツインビー3 ポコポコ大魔王)
1990/03/30Mouryou Senki Madara (FC) (魍魎戦記MADARA)
1990/09Rollergames (NES)
1991/01/25Dream Penguin Story (FC) (夢ペンギン物語)
1991/04/26Lagrange Point (FC) (ラグランジュポイント)
1993/09/23McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (GEN) (マクドナルド トレジャーランドアドベンチャー)
1994/08/04Dynamite Headdy (GEN) (ダイナマイトヘッディー)
1994/09/30Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyou Touitsusen (SMD) (幽☆遊☆白書 魔強統一戦)
1995/09/25Light Crusader (GEN) (ライトクルセイダー)
1996/01/26Guardian Heroes (SAT) (ガーディアンヒーローズ)
1997/09/11Silhouette Mirage (SAT) (シルエットミラージュ)

Gradius Arcade Soundtrack

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