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Katsuragi Misato Houdou Keikaku, (Translated as "The Misato Katsuragi News Project" in English) is not a game, but rather a news program for the PlayStation 3 themed after the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion that was developed by Namco Bandai and Cellius. It went live on June 6, 2009 on the Japanese PSN and remained exclusive to the territory for the duration of its operation.

In the program, Evangelion character Misato Katsuragi serves as news anchor and delivers real news with her voice provided by special voice synthesizer software. Users of the program have the ability to choose from a variety of Evangelion locations as backdrops and can customize Misato's hairstyle and clothing. The base program comes with only a few customization items; the rest must be purchased from the PlayStation Store on PSN.

The project ceased operation on June 5, 2010, almost a year after it launched.

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