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    Katta Castellum

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    Katta Castellum is a city founded by the Combine Loyalists after their arrival on the moon of Luclin. It sits high atop the Tenebrous Mountains overlooking the Twilight Sea.

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    Lcea Katta
    Lcea Katta

    Katta Castellum was the first city established by the Combine Loyalists on Luclin. While its appearance is quite gothic and it resides on the dark side of the moon, its people are good-natured and despise those who hail gods such as Innoruuk or Cazic-Thule. It is an irony that much discussed by the newcomers to Luclin. The city is built on the cliffs of the Tenebrous Mountains high above the Twilight Sea, making it easily defendable from their many enemies. The Loyalists followed Tsaph Katta to Luclin to escape the attempts on his life from the Inquisition faction of the Combine Empire. The Loyalists believe in the ideals of the original Combine Empire, that being that all races and cultures be tolerated and respected, save for those who only seek to spread hate and fear.

    They established a government consisting of several tiers. The top tier are the Concilium Universus, nine officials on an elected council who rule through interpreting the wills of their leader from long ago, Tsaph Katta. Below the Concilium Universus are eighteen governors who carry out the councils orders within the city itself. Then there is the militia, known as Validus Custodus, who keep the city secure from any of Seru's spies or vampires from the nearby mountains. Lcea Katta, Tsaph Katta's wife (or widow depending on who tells the tale), still resides here. Adventurers allowed within the city will find a multitude of goods and services including class trainers, tradeskill secrets, taverns, and shops with exotic wares found nowhere else.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Concillium Universus
    • Coterie of the Eternal Night
    • House of Midst
    • Katta Castellum Citizens
    • Magus Conlegium
    • Nathyn Illuminious
    • Order of Autarkic Umbrage
    • Spirits of Katta Castellum
    • The Truth
    • Traders of the Haven
    • Valdanov Zevfeer
    • Validus Custodus

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Adornments of the Night Jewelcraft, TailoringLoom
    Bread Breakers Baked GoodsFood & Drink, BagsBaking, BrewingOven
    Casters Guild Tinkering
    Helsin's HoldBank
    Midnight Ceramics PotteryKiln, Pottery Wheel
    Nectar of UnityAlcohol Brew Barrel

    Second Kin Armory &

    Lightening Blades Smithy

    Plate Armor, Chain MailSmithingForge
    Shooting Stars Archery Fletching
    Starlight MusicInstruments, Bard Songs

    Guild Halls

    Guild HallClassesGuildmasterChurch
    Magus Conlegium
    • Lizsa Barleou
    • Avir Sterbla
    • Lathin Firetree
    Eastern Guild Hall
    • ?
    • Maralicis Dilsm
    • Saumeem Unja
    • Erikal Wolfeye
    • Tilbok Furrunner
    • Kroldar Strongarm
    Western Guild Hall
    • Shara Aristos
    • Tobala Honeyjar
    • Rallena Doyle


    Notable NPCs

    • Autarkic Lord Sfarosh
    • Lcea Katta
    • Nathyn Illuminious

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