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Zeno Clash

He is found by Ghat and Deadra when they get to the end of the world. Once he awakens, he tells Ghat that they need to go back to Halstedom, as this is the end of the world, and his problems will never cease unless he confronts them head on. He also surprises them when he knows their names and their problems without them having said a word. As they travel by boat, he tells Deadra his origin story; he was created by a people long since dead, who trapped him in the chair to await the time when he was needed. He also knows Father-Mother's secret, but refuses to tell Deadra, because he feels Ghat needs to tell her himself.

He doesn't fight at first, merely speaking cryptically. He has intense hate for the corwids, because he believes their insanity is just a coverup for their cowardice of living within society. He is content to operate what appears to be a normal Rubik's Cube. He does, however, involve himself with the second fight against Hunter, whilst Ghat is on the verge of losing. Hunter gets a shot in, and when Hunter slashes Golem, Ghat and Deadra are similarly affected. He reveals that he has the ability to psychically link with anyone, which also involves sharing pain. They get to Halstedom, and surprises everyone. During the final fight with Father-Mother, Ghat appears to be down and Father-Mother goes to deliver the final blow when it's revealed that Golem has also psychically linked with Father-Mother. This allows him to fracture two of his fingers, which allows Ghat the chance to retaliate. Whilst Ghat doesn't tell the secret, Golem does.

The game ends with Golem speaking more cryptically, and the rubik's cube is in the ending along with another golem.

Zeno Clash 2

It is revealed that he forwarded the construction of a jail, which is the only thing of it's kind in the city of Halstedom.


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