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Kazdan has a spider-like machine on his back which served as additional limbs for him. Two of these served as arms which held his lightsaber staff and the others to raise him since he is very short. Like Yoda short. They also allowed him to walk on walls like a spider.

He held a great deal of guilt after abandoning the Jedi at the temple on Coruscant. In time, he began to slowly become deranged and recreated the Temple out of garbage on the dumping world Raxus Prime. He believed that the Order now lives with him on Raxus Prime.

Kazdan had a great level of control over his Force powers and was capable of giving life to robotic creations that were subject to his will. He was capable of making such creations like the Junk Titans in a short span of time and with ease. With his death, all of the junk creatures he created collapsed.

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