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A second year student of Eiden school. Best friend of Rei. Hu-sen and Rei were initially hostile towards the guys, especially Appo-, and takes every opportunity to display their dislike. Eventually the guys managed to befriend them.

Hu-sen is first seen soon after the guys transferred to Eiden school. After the guys were admitted to the nurse's office, Hu-sen and Rei reported a stolen piece of underwear to Mei. Appo- then wrapped the underwear on Kazushi's head and Rei recognized it as hers. She flew into a rage and beaten the guys up.

During the guys' first alchemy class, if the player chose Mei as the alchemy partner, Appo- will bash his head on the wall until he bled. Hu-sen will spit on his wound to cure it.

During the school cleaning day, Hu-sen and Rei was at the alchemy laboratory when it caught fire. Kazushi and Appo- ran in to rescue the people inside, not knowing who they actually were. Appo- saved Hu-sen and she fell in love with him. The Principal punished Hu-sen and Rei but the guys took their punishment in their stead. The had to clean the toilets and field. Hu-sen was thankful for Appo-'s help.

Later, Rei and the girls asked for Appo-'s opinion on Hu-sen. Appo- explained that he didn't like her and the girls suggested that they go on a date. Appo- then discovered that Hu-sen was no longer a virgin and he was furious. Daigo punched some sense into Appo- and explained that that does not matter and that love is most important. Appo- then confesses his feelings for Hu-sen and they became an official couple.

Rei felt lonely because Hu-sen spent a lot of time with Appo-. Rin and Sakura found one of Kazushi's tie pins that he dropped at the laundry room. Rei offered to return it but instead used it to frame Kazushi for stealing the exam question papers. She was alerted to the sign posts and Appo- helped her escape. Rei then explained to Hu-sen that she missed her and Hu-sen promised to spend more time with Rei.

On Ran's path, Appo- and Hu-sen successfully produced silver from an alchemy experiment.

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