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Kazushige Nojima's first writing credit was for the 1988 Data East adventure / visual novel game Tantei Jinguuji Saburo: Kiken na Futari, the third game in the series known in the west as Jake Hunter. He then wrote a few more games as a freelancer, including Kiken na Futari's sequel, Toki no Sugiyuku Mamani, and another Data East series, Glory of Heracles, including its most well known entry Heracles no Eikou III.

He was eventually hired by Squaresoft, and became the scenario writer for Final Fantasy games VII, VIII, and X, and the first Kingdom Hearts game, as well as the director for Bahamut Lagoon.

Nojima left Square-Enix's employ in 2003. Since then he has continued to freelance as a scenario writer, for games like Kingdom Hearts II, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (he wrote the adventure mode), Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, and the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

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