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    Kazuya Mishima

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    Kazuya is a character in the popular 3D fighting game series Tekken. He is one of the central characters and a villain protagonist in the series, and was the victor of the first King of Iron Fist Tournament. He uses the Mishima based karate.

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    Kazuya Mishima is one of the major characters in the Tekken series along with his father, brother, step-brother and son. His first appearance is as the main character in the first Tekken game, following on to be in all Tekken games barring Tekken 3 (in which he has a small cameo in Eddy Gordo's ending) and Tekken Advance (Nintendo Game Boy Advance in 2002 ). Kazuya is unique in the series as the only one to have a mutual partnership with "The Devil" as opposed to Devil Jin and Jinpachi who's powers result from uncontrollable transformation and a possession unrelated to the Devil Gene respectively.

    Character Relationships

    • Son of Heihachi Mishima and grandson of Jinpachi Mishima.
    • Half-brother of Lars Alexandersson
    • Foster brother of Lee Chaolan.
    • Father of Jin Kazama.
    • Impregnated Jun Kazama in Tekken 2.
    • Bruce Irvin, Anna Williams and Ganryu worked for him in Tekken 2. Also responsible for the creation of Alex, Prototype Jack, Jack 2 and Roger in the same game.
    • Bruce Irvin and Anna Williams will later work for him in Tekken 6.
    • Responsible for deaths of Eddy's father and Leo's mother in the storyline.


    Kazuya Mishima was born to Heihachi and Kazume Mishima. His mother was a kind nurturer, but his father was the cruel-minded CEO of Mishima Zaibatsu. Kazume presumably perished in childbirth or shortly after and Kazuya would grow up to be kind-hearted. As a 10-year old child, Kazuya was thrown down a cliff by his father Heihachi who considered him too weak to take over the family business. Kazuya only survived the fall due to a pact with the Devil that would ensure the power to defeat his father in exchange for his soul. As a result, Kazuya became more ruthless and cold-hearted. He trained in the family style of Karate and won countless tournaments across the world over the years, drawing with soon to be rival Paul Phoenix. Over the years, Devil slowly corrupted Kazuya's mind and body to suit itself.



    In the first Tekken, 26-year-old Kazuya entered the King of Iron Fist tournament to take down his father and faces his adopted brother Lee Chaolan and one time rival Paul Phoenix defeating both. Kazuya then makes it to his father, defeating him and winning the tournament. After throwing his father down the same cliff that he was thrown down as a child, Kazuya assumes command of the Mishima Empire and under Devil's influence corrupts it more than his father ever had.

    Tekken 2

    Kazuya's Tekken 2 Art Work
    Kazuya's Tekken 2 Art Work

    Kazuya, now 28, is the host of the second tournament and the end-game boss, upon defeating Kazuya the player must face Devil who has taken control over Kazuya's body and transformed it into a demonic form. Before announcing the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, Kazuya had recruited Bruce Irvin, Anna Williams and Ganryu as bodyguards to protect him from the ever increasing threats against his life and retreats into the Heavily fortified Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters, taking council from a shadow figure; later revealed as Devil. During the Tournament's climax Kazuya encounters Jun Kazama, a WWWC officer who was sent to arrest him for animal cruelty, and father's a son to her; Jin Kazama. Lei Wulong was also on police duty after him, and Nina Williams was hired to assassinate him. As well as being responsible for the creation of Roger and Alex, Kazuya began developement of the new Jack Project. At the end of the tournament, Kazuya is defeated by Heihachi who in turn throws him into a volcano. Devil escapes and tries to take the body and soul of Kazuya's unborn son but is defeated by Jun Kazama.

    Tekken 3

    A few days later Kazuya's body is rescued and revived by G-Corporation. Meanwhile in the Yakushima Mountains of Japan Jun raises Kazuya's son Jin in solitude. With G-Corporation's aid; Kazuya conducts experiments on his body in order to try and unlock the secrets of the Devil Gene so that he might learn how to control it. Heihachi announces Tekken 3 which Kazuya; presumably preoccupied with his research, avoids, only appearing in the Arcade Intro and a photo in Eddy Gordo's Tekken 3 ending revealing that he was the man responsible for the death of Eddy's father.

    Tekken 4

    Kazuya returns in Tekken 4
    Kazuya returns in Tekken 4

    Twenty-One years after Tekken 2, Two years after Tekken 3, Heihachi learns of the existence of Kazuya's corpse at G-Corporation’s Nebraska research facility . He sends his Tekken Force to take it on the evening of December 24th in order for Heihachi to complete a new creation combining the Devil Gene with Ogre's DNA. Kazuya (aged 49) defeats them and states his intention of reclaiming the Mishima Zaibatsu. Kazuya enters Tekken 4 despite it being a trap to lure out the two possessors of the Devil Gene, himself and Jin. Officially Kazuya is defeated by Heihachi but when they go to the Hon-Maru temple to see Jin Kazuya's body is taken over by Devil who seeks to reclaim his lost half of his power from Jin in order to continue his corruption of Kazuya. Unfortunately Kazuya had other plans. He had found a method to unify Devil's current power with his own, giving him control over his transformed state from the second Tekken. To gain the full power the Devil, Kazuya needed to take Jin's half of Devil's power too. Completing the game as Kazuya would accomplish this and he would transform into his Devil form at will. In the end it was Jin who emerged as the victor over both Kazuya and Heihachi.

    Tekken 5

    Kazuya during Tekken 5's opening CG
    Kazuya during Tekken 5's opening CG

    Tekken 5 picks up straight after Tekken 4, G-Corporation attempts to assassinate both Kazuya and Heihachi using an army of suicidal Jack-4 models. Kazuya escaped and left Heihachi to die alone in the exploding Hon-Maru. Kazuya enters Tekken 5, investigating the mysterious sponsor of the tournament. Kazuya realizes that it is his grandfather Jinpachi after defeating Raven but doesn't win Tekken 5 taking no interest in family affairs, instead choosing to seek out those of G-Corporation who betrayed him. He never fought Heihachi, as it has been revealed that Heihachi never recovered from his injuries at the hands of the Jack-4 models in time. While Kazuya more than likely left straight after defeating Raven, it is possible that he himself never actually entered Tekken 5.

    Tekken 6

    Kazuya's Appearance in Tekken 6
    Kazuya's Appearance in Tekken 6

    After killing his rivals and assuming control of G-Corporation he becomes the only opposition to the Mishima Zaibatsu, lead by the now corrupt Jin Kazama, Kazuya's son. Kazuya (now 50) recruits Bruce Irvin and Anna Williams once again and puts a price on Jin's head. In-turn Jin announces the King of Iron Fist tournament 6. Kazuya has less than noble aspirations in mind and only opposes the Zaibatsu because he can't stand to see anyone but himself with ultimate power.

    If things go according to plan for Kazuya, The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 will be significant in that it will be the long over-due meeting between Kazuya and Devil (as it's Devil who has taken control of Jin, making him do such evil things). However, according to Zafina's tribe's ancient scriptures, upon the two devil's meeting (Kazuya and Jin), and ancient, uncontrollable evil will be unleashed. Kazuya along with the G Coporation arrives at a remote area somewhere in the desert and he feels a overwhelming power within a large corridor/temple and is soon confronted by a entity named Azazel who believed to be the reason for the devil gene but they are interrupted by the arrival of Jin who has also felt this power and believes that he must win this battle to save the world and destroy the Mishima curse or blood line but he believe to achieve this Kazuya, Azazel, and himself must all die. Kazuya also finds out that Lars is his half brother. in his ending the Tekken Force surrounds the temple in attempt to shoot whatever comes out. Then Kazuya emerges from the temple and lifted up the defeated Devil Jin for everyone to see. The Tekken Force then saluted Kazuya. Kazuya smiled and laugh evilly.

    Other appearances

    Kazuya appears in both Tekken TAG Tournament and Tekken TAG Tournament 2, able to transform into Devil (as a separate character in 1 and as a transformation in 2). Also features in Namco and Capcom crossover games such as Street Fighter X Tekken and Namco x Capcom. He is yet to be announced for Tekken X Street Fighter. He is one of the 8 starting characters in the free-to-play game, Tekken Revolution.



    Devil Kazuya
    Devil Kazuya

    Devil Kazuya (commonly referred to as just "Devil") was first introduced to the Tekken series when Kazuya, who had just been thrown down a cliff by his father Heihachi, sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for the power to climb back up the cliff and get revenge on his father. Although Kazuya sold his soul, Kazuya was not totally overtaken by the Devil, due to an internal struggle between Devil and "Angel" (Kazuya's good side). Devil left Kazuya's body at one point in order to possess Jun Kazama's unborn child Jin Kazama (which half of Devil's power had been passed onto) but was defeated by a pregnant Jun, leading Devil to return to Kazuya.

    Although not confirmed, it is assumed that Devil had been manipulating Kazuya since the age of ten. During the events at Hon-Maru (Tekken 4) Devil emerged taking control of Kazuya's body when confronted by Heihachi and his prisoner Jin Kazama. Devil quickly vanquished the elder Mishima, and began extracting his missing half from the unconscious Jin. At this point, Kazuya unifies their powers, making Devil and its conciousness a part of him.

    Since then Kazuya has the ability to control Devil's power when he pleases, as seen in the Tekken 5 intro when he transforms into Devil to escape G-Corp's Jack-4 suicide force. Unlike his son Jin Kazama, who cannot control the dormant Devil within himself, it is noteworthy that Kazuya's bond with the devil brought the Devil Gene to the family, thus the reason why his son, Jin Kazama, also carries the Devil Gene. His devil form also appears in Namco x Capcom; he is an NPC along with Devil Jin. Devil Kazuya is after the soul edge but is ultimately stopped by Jin, Heihachi and others, causing Kazuya to return to normal.


    Devil appears in the first Tekken game as a simple pallette swap with Kazuya, although he appears in Tekken 2 as a separate character (although he has a very similar move set). In Devil's Tekken 2 ending, we see him gather energy to his forhead, and an eruption of energy soon appears around him. He then flies off into the night.

    Devil makes a brief appearance in Kazuya's Tekken 4 story mode, where Kazuya unifies their powers and then absorbs Jin Kazama's Devil Gene and transforms into the full-power Devil Kazuya. In Kazuya's Tekken 5 intro he also transforms into Devil as he escapes from the attacking Jack robots at the Hon-Maru. Then in Tekken 6 Devil is mentioned in Dragunov's prologue (Devil Kazuya or Devil Jin). An image of Kazuya is featured with some of Devil's skin as if he is Turing into Devil. Kazuya's eye is red is devil's eye from Tekken.


    Angel was introduced in Tekken 2. She appears as Devil Kazuya's palette swap and her goal is to save Kazuya's soul from being consumed by the Devil. Angel appears in both Tekken Tag Tournament games, but has not made an appearance in the canonical games since Tekken 2.

    Pandora Kazuya

    As with all characters in Street Fighter X Tekken, Kazuya has the ability to sacrifice his partner in order to access the power of the Pandora Box.

    Other Media

    Tekken (2010 Live Action Film)

    Kazuya appears in the live action film Tekken and is played by Ian Anthony Dale. He is one of the main antagonists of the film. He is the head of the security forces of Tekken Corporation and wants to control the organization during the film. His bodyguards are Nina and Anna Williams. He betrays Heihachi Mishima and assumes control but is defeated by Jin Kazama at the end of the tournament.

    Unlike his video game counterpart, this version of Kazuya had no feelings for Jun Kazama, Jin being a result of rape and attempted murder.

    Tekken: Blood Vengeance (2011 CGI Film)

    Set around Tekken 6, this CGI film is based on the Tekken video games, produced by the same company responsible for Tekken 4, 5 and 6's cut-scenes. Blood Vengeance focuses on Ling Xiaoyu and Alisa Bosconovitch while Jin and Kazuya wage war against each other as the heads of the Mishima Zaibatsu and G-Corporation.

    Tekken: The Motion Picture (1997 Anime Film)

    An anime loosely based on Tekken 1 and 2. Features Kazuya, intent on revenge against his father Heihachi, and Jun, investigating Heihachi's crimes. As the film develops, Jun brings out Kazuya's good side and tries to prevent him from carrying out revenge against Heihachi, therefore turning his soul over the Devil that inhabits him.


    • In Tekken 2 Kazuya is Nina William's assassination target.
    • In Tekken Tag Tournament, if you choose Kazuya and Devil Kazuya as a tag team, instead of the usual "run out-run in" tag animation, one will transform into another.
    • In Tekken Tag Tournament, Kazuya and Angel can be choosen but will not morph into each other upon tagging. Their intro animation (arms crossed staring at each other) suggests they are at odds.
    • In Tekken 2, Angel battled with his alter ego Devil in order to save Kazuya's soul.
    • In Tekken Tag Tournament, if the Jacks (Jack-2, Gun Jack, Protoype Jack) are hil by Angel or Devil's laser, instead of being briefly stunned they will go haywire.
    • Along Ryu he is also the first character revealed in Street Fighter X Tekken.
    • He is also one of the first character revealed in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, alongside Jin, Leo, Asuka and a younger Heihachi.
    • Kazuya's hairstyle in the Tekken motion picture strongly resembles Vegeta's from the Dragon Ball Z series.
    • Possibly because of the Devil Gene, Kazuya's left eye glows red. However, it is also a possibility that Kazuya gained this red eye due to the reconstruction G-Corporation implemented on him.
    • In Tekken 2 for PlayStation, if you begin Arcade Mode as anyone other than Kazuya or Devil/Angel and reach Stage 9 (Kazuya) and lose, you can choose Kazuya with his purple costume and you will fight against him as well with his purple costume.

      In Tekken 6, if you customize Kazuya with "Neo Sunglasses" and press Up+LP+RP, he will take off the glasses and attack his opponent using Devil's eye beam.

    • Kazuya's fighting style, Mishima Karate, is based on Shotokan Karate (examples of this are his: Gyaku tzuki or reverse punch, his Mae geri kekomi), and some moves (like low kicks/ sweeps) taken from modern WKF (World Karate Federation) modern point fighting kumite.
    • It is curious that most Mishima characters portray the techniques of an specific karate style. Kazuya (and possibly Devil) embodies Shotokan, Heihachi shows the power of Goju Ryu/Shorin Ryu, Devil Jin and Jin (in Tekken 3 only) show Shito Ryu, and Jin from Tekken 4,5, and 6 portrays Kyokushin Karate.
    • In Heihachi's Tekken 2 ending, Kazuya is wearing his purple outfit (his extra outfit). However, in the Tekken 4 intro, he is shown wearing his 1P outfit.
    • In Tekken Tag Tournament If partnered with Angel, Kazuya will not become angry (Netsu) off screen when she takes damage like other partners.

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