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Keio Flying Squadron 2 is a 2D Platformer released in 1996 for Sega Saturn in Japan and Europe. The game stars Rami, a young girl wearing a Bunny Suit who with the help of her pet dragon Spot, must travel across Keio-period Tokyo and search for magical orbs that are the key to unlocking a vast fortune located beneath Mt. Fuji. Unlike its predecessor which was exclusively a cute-em-up, the game is a platformer, but still retains shooting stages similar to the first game. The game features solid gameplay with vibrant and detailed graphics, thanks to the Saturn's 2D processing power.


Collecting points.
Collecting points.

Keio Flying Squadron 2 is a typical platformer, with weird enemies to bounce on and mountains of pickups to collect, such as golden bunnies and the typical extra life, found hidden throughout the game or gained through by collecting 100 bunnies. The game is split up into 6 worlds, with many different environments including amusement parks, aquariums, underground cities and even space. The game also includes several shooter stages, with typical power-ups and shields that the player can use. A unique feature in the game is the point system, which can go up or down depending on the player's actions. Taking damage, losing a life or hitting innocent animals will lower the score while defeating enemies, collecting bunnies and completing levels will raise it. The score carries throughout the whole game, with higher scores unlocking bonus images and information while negative scores will provide hints to the player. There are three weapons that can be found throughout the game, the mallet, bow and umbrella. The mallet is the most common and allows the play to smack enemies from the side instead of bouncing on them. The bow is a weapon that fires at different ranges depended on the player's input and the umbrella is similar to the mallet, but allows the player to glide to hard-to-reach places.

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