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    Kelethin is a city built high above the ground in the trees of the Greater Faydark. It is the starting city for all wood elves in EverQuest.

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    Overview (EverQuest)


    Kelethin is the treetop city built by the wood elves. It is easily the most wonderous city in all of Norrath as it is constructed of dozens of massive wooden platforms hundreds of feet off the ground connected by suspension bridges. Three lifts are set up in different parts of the city to take citizens and visitors up and down to and from the Greater Faydark. The city is completely safe from raiding orcs, but the orcs have begun to chop at the trees that support the city. Young adventurers can reap great rewards from the various guilds of the city by thwarting the orcs attempts. The wood elves are a quiet and reserved race of people, but welcome any good-natured people to their city. The various platforms, ramps, and bridges can become confusing for young wood elves, and especially visitors, and it's not unheard of to have some fall to their deaths. But once familiar with the city's routes, any amenities needed or wanted can be found here.

    Tradeskill kiosks are scattered throughout the platforms. Several taverns selling wines and ales to resting adventureres are available. And of course the city has its own guilds that train young citizens. The pride of the city is Faydark's Champions, where some of Norrath's greatest rangers begin their journey. The Emerald Warriors equip the only full blooded, untainted elven warriors in the world. The Scouts of Tunare teach the forest's sneakiest rogues the tricks of the trade. Wood elves also make for some of the best bards in the world thanks to Songweavers' guild hall. And finally, there is the Soldiers of Tunare druid guild, for the large chunk of Kelethin's population that choose to serve Tunare in the purest way possible.

    Neighboring Zones

    Starting City


    Wood Elves
    Wood Elves
    • Anti-Mage
    • Clerics of Tunare
    • Emerald Warriors
    • Faydarks Champions
    • Kelethin Merchants
    • King Tearis Thex
    • Soldiers of Tunare
    • Songweavers
    • Tunare's Scouts

    Guild Halls

    Guild NameClassesGuildmaster
    The Emerald OutpostWarriorsRegren
    Faydark's ChampionsRangersMaesyn Trueshot
    Scouts of TunareRoguesTylfon
    Soldiers of TunareDruidsHeartwood Master
    Songweaver's StumpBardsSylia Windlehands

    Commerce & Crafting

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    The Bank of KelethinBank
    Bilrio's SmithyWeapons, Medicine Bags
    Central Lift (Priest of Discord)Food, Water, General SuppliesSmithing
    Emerald WarriorsPottery, Fletching
    Heartwood TavernAlcohol
    North Lift (Orc Lift)Food, Water, General SuppliesPottery
    North Lift TavernAlcohol, Plate Armor
    Northwest PlatformLoom
    Packweaver's GoodsBagsHalf Elf Forge
    Soldiers of TunareBrew Barrel
    South LiftFood, Water, General SuppliesTailoring
    South Lift InnFood, Water, General Supplies, WeaponsAlchemy, SmithingForge
    South EndChain ArmorFeir'Dal Forge
    Southeastern PlatformCloth ArmorSmithingPottery Wheel, Kiln
    Sparkling GlassFoodJewelryOven
    Trueshot BowsAlcoholFletching


    Notable NPCs

    Songweavers Bard Guild
    Songweavers Bard Guild

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