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    Kelly Slater

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    Kelly Slater is the most recognizable professional surfer in the world. He is an 11-time world champion, holds numerous records and accolades, and landed his own game with Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer in 2002.

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    Kelly Slater the most decorated professional surfer in the history of the sport. He has won 11 world titles, his first set the record for the youngest person to ever accomplish the feat (ago 20), and most recent set the record for the oldest to do so (age 36). Aside from having the most world titles, Kelly also holds the record for the most ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) world tour event wins, 41.


    Kelly Slater has three main sponsors; Quiksilver, Channel Island Surfboards, and FCS Fins. Quiksilver is an outdoor sportswear manufacturer and retailer. CI Surfboards is a surfboard manufacturer owned and operated by Al Merrick out of Santa Barbara, CA. FCS Fins is a leading surfboard fin manufacturer.


    -Kelly has two brothers, Sean and Stephen

    -He has dated Pamela Anderson and supermodel Gisele Bundchen

    -Is close friends with surfer/songwriter Jack Johnson

    -Guest-starred in several episodes of Baywatch in the '90s

    -Has starred in and been featured in numerous surf videos

    -His favorite wave is Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu

    -Is known for his uncanny tube riding skills

    -Has recently been causing an uproar in the surf community by riding unorthodox sized boards in competitions and producing results with said boards


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