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Kemono Friends Cellien May Cry is an action-adventure game developed by Sakamoto Ryuu since 2017. This game is a derivative work of the 2017 anime "Kemono Friends" and a homage to Devil May Cry.


Serval in Wild Release
Serval in Wild Release

Throughout the game the player takes control of Serval, one of Friends. Friend is an animal that has become a human figure. The game is divided into several stages, which are further divided into several floors. The road changes randomly on each floor, and there are enemies called Cellien. There are many types of Cellien, and they have various attacks and characteristics. The player can use Japari buns to summon Friends you rescued and have them fight together. Serval mainly attack with claws, also other Friends fight Cellien in different ways. The player should be aware of Friends' HP, as Cellien will level up when they defeat a Friend. The player can purchase items, weapons, and skills with gold. Whilst in combat Serval builds up her Wild Release ability which when activated allows the player to regenerate health and have increased attack power until the gauge runs out.


Main Characters


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Serval is a Friend who lives in the Savanna area of ​​Japari Park. She can jump very high. She attacks Cellien with her sharp claws. She is innocent and cheerful. She is on a journey with Kaban looking for a human.


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Kaban is a human Friend born in the Savanna area. She traveled with Serval and found out that she was a human. And she came to want to meet other humans. Her skill is "Paper plane", which can get Cellien's attention.

Lucky Beast

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Lucky Beasts are robots that support the lives of Friends. Friends do not hunt, but eat Japari buns provided by Lucky Beast. Lucky Beasts are basically not allowed to talk to Friends.

Dark Serval

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This is a character that does not exist in the original Kemono Friends. She looks like a Serval, but her whole body is covered with a black film. Her face has a Cellien eye and attacks Friends.


Serval, Kaban, Lucky Beast, Raccoon, and Fennec went to other region in search of humans, but could not find them. When they returned to the Kyōshū region, a large number of Celliens began to emerge.

Serval is asked by owl Friends to defeat Celliens in various areas. The Dark Serval appears there and attacks Friends. When Friends defeated the Dark Serval, she dropped the amulet. Serval and Friends defeat Celliens in each area, and the amulet gets more crests. After getting all crests, defeat Dark Serval and the amulet is complete. In fact, the true identity of Dark Serval was a long time ago Friend. She confronted Cellien alone and helped her best friend Cerval, but she was exhausted and was taken over by Cellien. The power of the amulet remained in her to keep her life. Serval freed Dark Serval from Cellien control. Two Servals fight together to save Japari Park.


This game is being developed in Unity 2019.1. Development started on February 27, 2017. Many of the characters use the MikuMikuDance (MMD) model and use a plugin called MMD4Mecanim to convert it.

It supports Japanese, English, and Chinese. SDS_Koutou is cooperating with English translation, and mazeyun and owenliu66 are cooperating with Chinese translation.

A mini game called "PARKMAN" is recorded. The original works of "PARKMAN" are Namco's "Pac-Man" and Seedmanc's "Japari PARKMAN".


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