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Overview: Ken Masters appears in Twisted Metal 2 as a struggling actor who wants to win the tournament so that he can ask Calypso for world wide fame. Ken is the man behind the wheel of the sports car Spectre, that has incredible speed and a powerful special weapon, but lacks in armor.  
Ken's sweet ride
Ken's sweet ride

After winning the tournament Ken meets with Calypso and tells him that he's been struggling for his "big break" for the past 6 weeks and is sick of waiting. Ken then asks Calypso to make the whole world know his face to which Calypso responds by pulling and stretching Ken's face until it completely wraps around the Earth. The blue skies have now been replaced with Ken's stretched face.  The entire world now knows his face and can look up at it whenever they like, much to the delight of Calypso. Ken gets his wish, but not the way he had hoped. 

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