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    A type of cup-and-ball toy with a long history of popularity in Japan.

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    A kendama is a Japanese cup-and-ball toy. It is comprised of a handle that ends in two cups opposite each other as well as a ball tied to the kendama by a string. The top of the kendama may also feature a peg to hold the ball in place when not in use. Players set the ball in one of the cups and then swing the kendama to launch the ball in the air before catching it with the other cup. The player attempts to catch the ball in each cup alternately for as long as possible.

    Use in Games

    Samurai Warriors

    In the Samurai Warriors series, the character Oichi uses a kendama as her weapon in Samurai Warriors and Samurai Warriors 2, as well as their respective expansions and spin-offs. However, she began using a different weapon as of Samurai Warriors 3.


    Games that feature the Time Bokan anime character Yatterman 1 commonly feature a kendama that is similarly used as a weapon. Yatterman 1 uses a special kendama referred to as the kendamagic.


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