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    Kendra Daniels

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    A technology specialist who joins Isaac Clarke and Zach Hammond on a mission to the USG Ishimura in response to a distress call.

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    Kendra Daniels is a character in the 2008 action-horror game, Dead Space. She is among the emergency response crew sent to the USG Ishimura in order to repair the ship. Upon arriving on the Ishimura and encountering the Necromorphs, she is one of the only survivors along with the mission commander Zach Hammond, and player character, engineer Isaac Clarke. Following several other encounters with the Necromorphs, she is separated from the rest of the group, and barricades herself in the computer core of the ship. From there she provides assistance to Isaac and Hammond, guiding their actions, opening security doors, and giving advice. Daniels is also emotionally unstable and quick to anger. She blames Hammond for leading them into the situation at hand, and expresses distrust in him, immediately accusing him of knowing more about the true nature of the horror then he lets on, and, as with everyone else exposed to the Marker, she begins to go insane, seeing hallucinations of her dead brother.

    After Isaac secures the Marker aboard a shuttlecraft bound for the Aegis VII colony, Daniels betrays him by shooting Dr. Kyne, stealing the shuttle, and abandoning Isaac aboard the Ishimura. She then contacts Isaac, revealing to him that she knew about the true nature of the mission all along, and was, in fact, sent by the military to retrieve the Marker and bring it back to Earth. However, Isaac remotely overrides the shuttle's controls and recalls it back to the Ishimura, but not before Daniels escapes on a pod to Aegis VII. Once Isaac lands on the colony, Daniels confronts him, revealing that his girlfriend, Nicole Brennan, has been dead long before they arrived on the Ishimura, and that Isaac has gone insane like everyone else. However, just as she is about to escape with the Marker for a second time, the Hive Mind rises out of the planet, crushing and killing her underneath its tentacles.

    Daniels is voiced by Tonantzin Carmelo, who also provides her likeness for the character.


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