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    Kenneth J. Sullivan

    Character » appears in 6 games

    Sullivan is Bravo Team's point man and is in charge of scouting and reconnaissance. He was also an accomplished chemist, handling chemical protection duties.

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    According to the English language manual of the first game, Kenneth found it odd that he was chosen by Albert Wesker to be part of the an elite force. Despite his buff and powerful appearance, Kenneth is said to actually be a very quiet and personal guy.

    Resident Evil & Remake

    He is the first casualty of Bravo Team discovered by the player in the original Resident Evil. After Alpha Team's arrival at the mansion, the player is sent to investigate the sound of a gunshot, leading the player to discover Kenneth being devoured by a zombie; examining his corpse will give the player two clips in the original Resident Evil.

    In the GameCube remake, the player can find a video recording of Kenneth's final moments before being devoured, which they can play at a later point in the game.


    • Like the rest of the Bravo team Kenneth makes a cameo during the opening cinematic, but has no dialogue.
    • In the Novelization of the game, it is noted that he had a son and ex-wife

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