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    A playable character in Divekick, Kenny is based on the random select concept and will alternate between different members of the Divekick cast round by round.

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    Kenny is a fighting game character in the video game Divekick.

    Kenny has the ability to use any divekick in any given round, but can't copy their special moves. His own special move is the Spirit Bullet.
    Kenny has the ability to use any divekick in any given round, but can't copy their special moves. His own special move is the Spirit Bullet.

    In-game he is known as a young man who died before his time, but after winning 5 Divekick tournaments in Heaven, he was sent back to Earth for a second chance. During his time in Heaven he observed Divekick cast and learnt their divekicks almost to perfection. Thus he switches between divekicks every round.

    Outside of the game, Kenny is actually the late brother of Vincent, a Kickstarter backer for the since-cancelled Divekick campaign. Vincent pledged enough money to become one of two people (the other being Alex Jebailey, which lead to Jefailey) to create their own characters for the game, so that he could pay tribute to his brother's memory by having him in Divekick.

    Though the Kickstarter was cancelled and Divekick was brought under the Iron Galaxy Studios banner, Iron Galaxy choose to honor the pledge and immortalized Kenny in video game form.

    • Health: 1234
    • Power: 9,862,212
    • Hometown: Fresno-ish, California
    • Blood Type: O
    • Likes: Puzzles, Breakfast, Randomness, Video Games
    • Dislikes: Hypocrites, Trick Questions, Hand Stance

    Divekick: Addition Edition changes

    [ + ] Kenny can now attack after Spirit Bullet Homing (air special) in all stances.

    [ + ] Kenny can now cancel a kick at any time into a Spirit Bullet Homing (air special).

    [ + ] Kenny's Air Spirit Bullet SFX now stops playing after the opponent is hit by the bullet.

    [ + ] S-Kill stance now behaves like the new S-Kill, including special Kickfactor.

    [ + ] Kenny can now mimic Stream's new Kickfactor mode.

    [ + ] Kenny can now mimic Dr. Shoals' new Kickfactor mode.

    [ + ] Kenny can now fire or place multiple Spirit Bullets (air and ground specials) on screen at the same time.

    [ = ] Other balance adjustments to characters base stats have carried over to Kenny.

    [ = ] The Baz stance has been removed. Kenny has no rope.

    [ - ] The base cost of Spirit Bullet Homing has increased by 50%.


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