This was my first 3D game.... ever

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#1 Posted by efrucht (716 posts) -

I remember playing this on my crappy old PC, I was a little child, too. I would get so scared anytime one of those crazy flying heads would starts shooting me with the energy balls. Man, those were good times!

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#2 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

My first 3D game was.......are the Myst games considered 3D?

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#3 Posted by J4S0N (36 posts) -

Wow, I thought that this would be one of the more obscure games on the site.  I was surprised to find people posting here already.  This was the first 3D game that I ever played also.  After this would be Wolfenstein 3D.

Termite:  Myst games were not being rendered in real-time, so I would not consider them "true 3D."

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