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Kensei: Sacred Fist is very similar in gameplay to the Tekken franchise, but with slight differences. The biggest one is it's emphasis on strategy, and planning out your combo's and juggles based on your distance. It was made with an ideal to avoid button-mashing, as missing the first hit in a combo string will leave the player open for a long time. Another difference is in it's blocking system, based on dodging. When pressing the block button, the player will actually move away from the attack. Some characters can incorporate a sidestep into their dodge by holding up. Sidestepping itself is not very useful, as it is very slow, much like the gameplay in general, something that made the game suitable only for the home console experience, as the arcade scene was very much focused on high speed reaction time.


The higher quality models.
The higher quality models.

Upon release, the game received praise for it's detailed character models, considerably less "blocky" than Tekken 3's. It also included breast physics. As a trade off, the stages were very bland in comparison. The was essentially the only positive praise given to the game.


Kensei: Sacred Fist features 9 different fighters, and 14 unlockables based on the original 9, excluding bosses. Much like other fighters, the alternate shave slight move set variations and altered timing. The story reasons given for the similarities are usually family based, rival based, or origin based.

The full Character select screen.
The full Character select screen.
  • Yugo Sangunji - Karate, Japan
  • Akira Sangunji - Karate, Japan
  • Hong Yuli - Drunken Fist, China
  • Su Quingtao - Drunken Fist, China
  • Douglas Anderson - Jeet Kune Do, USA
  • Yoko Cindy Matsudaira - Jeet Kune Do, USA
  • Allen - Muay Thai, Asia (Non Specific)
  • Steve Laetnner - Kickboxing, USA (Same as Allen's Muay Thai)
  • Ann Grifith - Amateur Wrestling, UK
  • Arthur Stewart - Amateur Wrestling, UK
  • Hyoma Tsukikage - Ninjutsu, Japan
  • Sessue Kannoh - Ninjutsu, Japan
  • Heinz Streit - Pit Fighting, Germany
  • Natsuki Kornelia - Pit Fighting, Germany
  • David Human - Professional Wrestling, USA
  • Mark Galeon - Professional Wrestling, USA
  • Saya Tsubaki - Kenpo, Japan
  • Genya Tsubaki - Kenpo, Japan
  • Zhou Leimeng - Original, Hong Kong. (Sub-Boss character.)
  • Kaiya Tsubaki - Kenpo, Japan. (Final Boss)
  • Jelly/Billy Thomas - Original, USA (Twin brothers with animal masks. Move set compiled from other move sets.)
  • Kazane Tsukikage - Ninjutsu, Japan

Racing Minigame

After unlocking all the characters, a racing mini-game would unlock, where you would choose any character, a course, and steer him running it. To make the character go faster, you mash on the "x" button.

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