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Tonoya is the lead guitarist of the popular indie punk rock band STAR GENERATION. He is an extremely skilled technical player and is widely believed to the backbone of the band. Tonoya doesn't express his emotions very much and he can be hard to read. Shikanosuke calls him 'poker face'. Chie calls him 'Tono-yan'.

Tonoya performing
Tonoya performing

Tonoya is very passionate about music in general and he owns a wide variety of musical instruments at his home. He attends Ohbi high school along with the Second Literature Club band bandsmen. Tonoya's face cannot be seen while he is on stage so the school students do not recognize him. He is also rather poor at sports in general.

Kira Kira


When STAR GENERATION visited Taishou Restaurant for their after-party. 2 drunk men picked a fight with the bandsmen and one of them knocked Shikanosuke out. Later that night, Tonoya apologized to him and gave all the customers at the restaurant a free ticket for their next performance. Tonoya recognized their school uniform and revealed that he attends Ohbi as well.

Chapter 1: Anarchy at the School

The Second Literature Club band practiced at a studio. There they met Tonoya and the band requested him to coach them. Initially Tonoya was hesitant because his passion for music may spoil the fun of music for the band. The band explained that they would appreciate music better if they could play well. Tonoya then lent Chie his drum set and amplifiers and took them under his wing.

Tonoya suggested that they play by the river bank to get used to playing at full volume. He also made them perform at his father's departmental store to practice playing in front of a crowd. Tonoya also taught them the punk rocker attitude and taught them to cuss and swear with hilarious consequences. Shikanosuke and Kirari were fired from Taishou for a month. Tonoya also recommended them to compose original songs because he believes that it is important for the band's identity.

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

During the fireworks festival, Tonoya expressed his interest in Chie. He later invited the Second Literature Club band to perform at STAR GENERATION's 5th year anniversary. When the Second Literature Club band went on a tour, Tonoya suggested that they maintain a blog about their tour.

Tonoya after visiting America
Tonoya after visiting America

On Kirari's path, the brake on the band's van malfunctioned. Shikanosuke suggested that Chie drive the van into the ocean. Most of the equipment was lost. Tonoya turned down Shikanosuke's desire to replace the equipment.

Tonoya later revealed that that STAR GENERATION will be breaking up by the end of the summer. He then moved to America to further his music career in the following summer. Tonoya was later revealed to be playing for an American band and he had gained some amount of fame.

Kira Kira: Curtain Call

Second Stage

Yagihara invited Tonoya to perform at Happy Cycle Mania's 5th year anniversary. He requested Tonoya to not announce his appearance and he took Murakami by surprise. Souta revealed that he knew about Tonoya's fame as a skilled guitarist.


Tonoya uses a black colored Fender Stratocaster.

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