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What the hell is this? Does it have anything to do with Kentucky Route Zero? Is this even a game? Is this art?

Questions, questions, questions.

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It's a sort of prologue, about an art exhibition by a character that is briefly mentioned in act 1 of the full game. It also functions as a free demo, so you can evaluate whether or not the games particular brand of storytelling is for you. It's as much of a game as text adventures like Zork were games, and it's a lot prettier that those games ever were. Who cares if its art?

Answers, answers, answers.

And a new question I guess...

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@winternet: The three people you play as are the ghosts at the table in the gas station.

One of the men on the artist's audio tapes is Joseph, the gas station attendant.

I'm guessing that Lula Chamberlain may be the mother of Lula and/or Weaver.

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