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Kentucky Route Zero: A True Visual Novel 0

Until the final episode of Kentucky Route Zero released last month, I had no concept of what it was. It was just one of those phrases that floated around the cosmic microwave background, like “accent wall” and “fatty lipids.” They mean something to someone, but not to me. Even when the thing finally came out to cries of celebration and finality, I couldn’t really grasp it.The only snippets of information I could glean were that Kentucky Route Zero is an adventure ga...

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Mysterious and stylish, Kentucky Route Zero should be played 0

Visually the game looks stunning.In my opinion atmosphere can go a long way when it comes to the quality of a game. Even if its gameplay is nothing new, a solid story mixed with a unique art style and some creepy atmosphere can really carry a game. That’s the case with the first episode (or Acts as the game calls it) of Kentucky Route Zero, a Kickstarter funded adventure game about the mysterious route zero on the Kentucky highway.I only bring up the whole Kickstarter thing because I feel like i...

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An experience that had better pay off 0

I like the first two "Acts" of Kentucy Route Zero - I really do. I love the art-style, I love the writing, I love the etheral soundtrack with the occasional somber blue-grass track.But I just can't help but shake the feeling that it'll all end like Twin Peaks or Lost or anyone of a dozen "too-clever-by-half", "We're-stringing-you-along-with-the-promise-of-deeper-meaning-but-who-knows-if-we-actually-have-a-coherent-plot-or-if-we're-making-it-up-as-we-go", also known as the "Chris-Carter-Effect" ...

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Kentucky Route Zero, Act 1 Review. 0

Kentucky Route Zero is an experience, not a game. When you see things that weren't there in the darkness, it doesn't terrify you. Maybe it scares you a little but why should it? It sends a chill up your spine that makes you think, hey, maybe the things you see once were there or still are here in some way.. But these things are not coming to hurt you. They're coming to say hello and then walk about their day. You don't mind. They're harmless. But you are chilled to the bone with an unexplained f...

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Striking imagery and evocative words make this one to play 0

Kentucky Route Zero’s visual splendour draws you in from its first scene to its last. As the opening title screen fades from black, the striking imagery revealing an abstract gas station doused in the setting sunlight cannot be overstated. As the orange hues disappear beyond the hilltops this moonlit tale begins in earnest; a mysterious and dream-like journey along a pastoral path deep in rural America. It’s beautiful vector art style and traditional point-and-click trappings invite an audience,...

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