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Kentucky Route Zero, Act 1 Review.

Kentucky Route Zero is an experience, not a game. When you see things that weren't there in the darkness, it doesn't terrify you. Maybe it scares you a little but why should it? It sends a chill up your spine that makes you think, hey, maybe the things you see once were there or still are here in some way.. But these things are not coming to hurt you. They're coming to say hello and then walk about their day. You don't mind. They're harmless. But you are chilled to the bone with an unexplained feeling somewhere between being frightened and content. Kentucky Route Zero is a brilliant, beautiful and wonderful game with an excellent soundtrack. This is not a game where I can tell you the story, because that's the wonderful thing about it. When you experience this game you will shut out everything for an hour and a half and not look back nor look forward, just stay in the present with the main character Conway and his dog. In your experience, you'll be happy and sad, frightened and excited and very eager to see what could possibly happen next. Kentucky Route Zero manages to make you sit still and look right at something twice that could have been there the first time, that you will only just see. Kentucky Route Zero makes the game world beautiful because of four things: Music, well designed graphics, great point and click controls and storytelling that is vague but keeps you interested until the last moment of Act 1. The first two acts are out now for PC, Mac and Linux, and for a price of £19 for the season pass, you cannot possibly go wrong.

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