Not very happy with their customer support

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#1 Posted by Robinson (213 posts) -

I paid for this game a few days ago via paypal, following KSP's own links and directions. After my payment went through, nothing has changed about my account and no one from their team has responded to support messages. I could understand this if it was over the weekend, but they had a full week. Nearly to the point of flagging the transaction and having paypal refund.... color me disappointed

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#2 Posted by Muttinus_Rump (814 posts) -

I remember the download link being a bit hard to find. Have you checked at the bottom of your profile on the store page?

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#3 Posted by Robinson (213 posts) -

yup, there just isn't a code associated with my account. So they took my money and didn't activate my privaleges

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#4 Posted by Jams (3043 posts) -

@Robinson: I thought that same thing happened to me, but I ended up finding it. Paypal did say something about a refund, so maybe talk to them about getting the transaction frozen?

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#5 Posted by nobel (63 posts) -

Have you received confirmation of the purchase from the devs? Not just talking about the paypal receipt.

I had trouble finding the download links, but I discovered that gmail was marking the confirmation email (with the download link in it) as spam.

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#6 Posted by selbie (2459 posts) -

Yes, check your spam box in case it got filtered out. Otherwise, post here

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#7 Edited by Robinson (213 posts) -

Yeah, i made sure to check all the normal places, email mailboxes, everywhere on the download and store pages, even followed their FAQ with photos on how to download and install. They got back to me late last night and apologized for the wait and issue, I am now fully enjoying the game and have sent a thank you to their support staff.

Thanks for all the replies guys!

EDIT: and to clarify, it was on their end, not mine

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#8 Posted by Akyho (2126 posts) -

All right, glad you were not turned off completely. Still sad you had to go through that int he first place.

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#9 Posted by Jams (3043 posts) -

@selbie said:

Yes, check your spam box in case it got filtered out. Otherwise, post here

shit man, good think you posted that. I had no idea they sent a confirmation email. I thought it was weird that just pay pal sent one. Checked my spam and sure enough there was two emails in there. One with the pass and one with the confirmation.

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