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    Kerra Isle

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    Kerra Isle is a small stretch of land on the west coast of Odus. It is home to a tribe of cat-people known as the Kerrans.

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    Kerra Isle
    Kerra Isle

    Kerra Isle is a tropical beach surrounded by the sharp rocks that make up the northern part of Odus. The isle is populated by a cat-like race of people known as Kerrans. They are mostly friendly to visitors unless, of course, they are provoked. Adventurers should be careful, because the Kerrans are an intelligent bunch who will fight in packs with a mix of warriors and shaman that can outlast many younger groups of heroes. The Kerrans hold nightly bonfires in honor of their fallen hero, Kejaan, who is credited with bringing the many tribes of Kerrans together for the common good of their people. Many of the villages warriors will call upon Kejaan to help them in battle. Those friendly with the Kerrans will find that they offer various quests, including the much sought after Paw of Opolla. Priestess Mitty currently governs the village, but her views are a bit different than previous leaders. Under her rule, the village has become a society dominated by the females of the tribe.Many of the Kerran people were lost as collateral damage in the great war between the Erudites. The large lake found near the village is said to have been due to a large crater caused by the maelstrom of wizardry. The villagers say the earth ripped apart and a large portion of their isle was launched into the skies above.

    Neighboring Zones

    In February 2007, coinciding with the release of The Buried Sea expansion, Toxxulia Forest was redesigned and Kerra Isle was merged into this larger version of the zone. The original zone that was Kerra Isle was removed from the game.


    Notable NPCs

    Notable Items

    • Bone Talisman
    • Cat o' Nine Tails
    • Fishbone Necklace
    • Gorilla Hide Leggings
    • Hamed's Ring of Tears
    • Hexed Kerran Doll
    • Kerran Headband
    • Kerran War Spear
    • Mystical Claws of Jojo
    • Paw of Opolla
    • Sejah Ghulam Bracer
    • Tiger Hide Gloves

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