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Ketnet is being attacked by a organization of crocodiles (Wraptors) called Kroknet.
Their goal is to turn Ketnet into a boring place where you can learn long mathematic puzzles and master the ancient art of being silent...
In this game you have to try to stop Kroknet by sending drawings, music, dances,...
And also fight them yourself in different minigames with your snowgun or by them in a race.

You start in the tower of Ketnet. Here you can watch "Karrewiet" (kids-news) online.
Slide down to start exploring the world of KetnetKick in platformer-style.
The people of Ketnet are spead over the world and you hae to find them to play their game of help them make something.
You can also collect orbs that count as a currency to buy new clothing or items.
You can fight a Wraptor for a movie ticket. In the cinemas they play some episodes of programs that are also on tv.

To play this game you need to live in Belgium and have a broadband internet conection.
The game will check for updates when started.

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