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    Khan is a mysterious figure Artyom meets on his journey in Metro 2033. He helps guide Artyom through the haunted tunnels of the metro.

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    Khan believes that he is the latest incarnation of Genghis Khan and characterizes himself as a "Wolf between jackals". He is very knowledgeable about the mysterious paranormal phenomena and anomalies that roam the metro tunnels.

    Metro 2033

    In Metro 2033, when sneaking through Dry Station, Artyom can witness bandits being killed by arrows from an unknown source. This turns out to be Khan helping him from the shadows with his Hellsing (a pneumatic spear gun). After reaching the end of Dry Station Khan reveals himself to Artyom.

    Khan decides to escort Artyom through the haunted tunnels, giving him advice and helping him avoid the ghosts and anomalies that occupy the tunnels. They reach Cursed Station which is under attack by hordes of nosalises. Khan helps defend the station while Artyom seals the tunnels that the nosalises are entering from. After securing Cursed Station, Khan shows Artyom a secret passage to Armory Station and stays behind to help those in Cursed Station.

    Khan meets up with Artyom one last time in Sparta Base; the Rangers' outpost on the surface, to give Artyom some more words of advice before Artyom and the Rangers head off to the D6 launch facility.

    Metro: Last Light

    Khan returns in Metro: Last Light to help Artyom rescue an important person being held prisoner by the Nazis at Reich Station.


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