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Kiba Inuzuka
  is a  character in Naruto. He is part of Team 8. He and his nin-dog Akamaru fight together as a team. 
Kiba Inuzuka fights like a beast after using the man beast transformation jutsu. He also gains speed by quit a bit. he is from the inuzuka clan, a clan that uses dogs to fight and has very good senses. Kiba is a master at his clans tiajutsu a fighting style that looks alot like the brazilian fighting style capoeira.


  • "One hit is all it will take."
  • "I think you and I just won the lottery, Akamaru!"
  • "I think I can trust this guy to take my back."
  • "Why do you always pass out when you see Naruto?!"
  • "Why does Naruto always have new jutsu up his sleeve every time I see him?"

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