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    Kickstarter Funded

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    Games that were funded through Kickstarter.

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    Overview is a website where users can formally request funds for a variety of creative endeavors through crowdsourced pledges. When a project is posted on Kickstarter, a target pledge goal and deadline are set; if the required sum of funds is not pledged to the project before the deadline, funding for the project is cancelled. However, if the pledge total meets or exceeds the minimum goal amount, the project is successfully funded, and everyone that pledged money to it is charged their stated amounts. Project organizers may also establish tiered rewards for specific pledge amounts that are presented to backers after funding is successful.

    Among the numerous projects that have been posted on Kickstarter is a growing contingent of independent video game projects. The possibility of Kickstarter as a source of development capital was popularized by the wild success of Double Fine Adventure, Double Fine's project to create a new point-and-click adventure game. Although the Kickstarter for the project was established with a target goal of $400,000, pledges rapidly pushed the total over the million dollar mark. By the time the deadline rolled around over $3 million had been pledged to the project, allowing Double Fine to produce a larger, more elaborate game.

    After Double Fine's resounding success, numerous other gaming projects of various sizes, shapes, and scopes have been posted to Kickstarter. This page is dedicated to games that managed to succeed in earning their Kickstarter funding.


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