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    Kid Klown in Crazy Chase

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released September 1994

    The klutziest clown Kid Klown must rescue the princess of Klown Planet from the villainous and bomb-happy Blackjack in a series of trap-filled chase levels.

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    Kid Klown in Crazy Chase is an isometric endless runner from Kemco. The player, as Kid Klown, must run down a path while avoiding obstacles to reach a bomb before its fuse runs out. The game was originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1994 and was later ported to the Game Boy Advance in 2002.

    Kid Klown, despite (or because?) being the most accident-prone clown on the planet, is tasked by the King to rescue Princess Klown from the interstellar space pirate Blackjack. Kid Klown's starfighter fails to take down Blackjack's spaceship and hurtles back down to the planet, where he must stop Blackjack from bombing various locations.

    Kemco originally created the Kid Klown character for the US version of a Mickey Mouse NES game that couldn't use the Disney license in that territory: Kid Klown in Night Mayor World. He would return for the PlayStation sequels Kid Klown in Crazy Chase 2 and The Bombing Islands.


    Collision with one of the many hazards and blockades will cause Kid Klown to lose some health and slow down/stop for a few seconds. He must reach the end before the fuse on a bomb beats him there, which the player can see throughout the course as well as by a gauge in the top left that compares Kid's progress to that of the bomb's fuse.

    As well as getting to the end before the bomb fuse, Kid Klown must also find four card suit icons by opening balloons. The balloons can be opened by jumping up and grabbing their string as they pass overhead. As well as the four icons, the balloons provide bonuses such as extra coins and health recovery items. If Kid Klown doesn't manage to grab all four icons, he must restart the stage (though his icon progress is saved - he'll only need to find the ones he missed).


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