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    One of the main characters in Chrono Cross. A member of the well known "Radical Dreamers" thieve guild. Her innate color is red.

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    Basic Information

    Kid is a strong willed 19 year old girl. She is a member of the thieves guild known as the Radical Dreamers. Her weapon of choice is a dagger. In battle her innate color is red.


    Kid had heard a rumor that the Acacia Dragoons were sent to Cape Howl to find a ghost boy. When she arrives she hides. Karsh shows up to kill Serge, but Kid steps in just in time for them to defeat Karsh. Kid and Serge then travel to Termina where they hatch a plan to break into Viper Manor. The plan goes well until they find Lynx in the manor. In order to escape Kid takes Riddel hostage by holding a knife to her neck. This allows the party to escape to a balcony. Lynx however, manages to poison kid with Hydra venom causing her to become deathly ill. The party takes kid to a doctor in Guldove where she is bedridden. She gives Serge the Astral Amulet and asks him to keep it safe for her.

    From this point the game can branch out in several different ways.

    1) If you find the Hydra Humor you give it to Kid

    2) If not, Norris will pass through Guldove and give her some.

    After Kid is cured the party goes to confront the Dragoons at Fort Dragonia. When they reach the final room a fight with Lynx ensues. Lynx was secretly initiating a ceremony that would allow him to switch bodies with Serge through the Dragon Tear. Once Lynx is in Serge’s body he stabs kid. He then brainwashes so that she goes against the party. Lynx and Kid attack Hermit’s Hideaway after Riddel was rescued by Porre. Fargo stopped the attack with his ship. Lynx and Kid escape and go to Chronopolis where they wait for Serge to show up. Before Serge made it to them Lynx put Kid to sleep. After the party fights Lynx, Kid wakes up in a daze as her normal self. She is surprised to see the Frozen Flame hovering above her. Harle warns her not to touch it, because it could end up causing great destruction. Kid then falls into a deep sleep as the Frozen Flame is stolen by the Dragon God. She is taken to Hermit’s hideaway to recover.

    If you have the Mastermune or Chrono Cross and examine her Masa, Mune, and Doreen appear and recognize that Kid is a clone of Schala. They use the Time Egg to send you back to when her orphanage was burning down. Serge finds and comforts kid, which causes her to wake up in her own time. When the party reaches Terra Tower Kid learns about her past from a ghost form of Lucca, which she rejects. She then asks Serge to free Schala from the clutches of the Time Devourer.

    The game doesn’t specifically say what happens to kid after the defeat of the Time Devourer, but it is believed that she formed with Schala.

    Kid is a clone of Schala who was sent to the future by Schala. When she fused with the time devourer she feared that her mind would slip away and she would no longer be able to control herself. So she created a clone of herself, gave it her pendant, and sent it into the future. In the future Lucca finds Kid and decides to raise her (This can be seen in the final anime scene in the PlayStation version of Chrono Trigger). Lucca discovered that she liked kids and started an orphanage. While running the orphanage Lucca still found time for research. She mostly tried to perfect the Time Egg. She ended up giving an early prototype to Kid, along with the Astral Amulet. Lucca discovered that Kid was a clone of Schala and wrote a letter to her so that one day she could read it and know of her true heritage. Lucca died before she could give Kid the letter when Lynx and Harle burned down the orphanage. Kid escaped and swore that she would get revenge on Lynx.

    How to recruit

    Kid joins your party in the beginning of the game when you fight Karsh if you let her help you. If you say no, then she will join you in Termina. However, if you have Leena in your party when you reach termina for the first time Kid will be jealous and not join the party. If this happens she will join once you talk to the statue polisher before you go to Viper Manor.

    Kid leaves the party when she is poisoned by Lynx, but rejoins when she is cured.

    Kid leaves the party again when Lynx and Serge switch bodies. She will rejoin the party when you examine her body at Hermit’s hideaway with the Mastermune or Chrono Cross.


    Pilfer- Acquired at star level 3. Kid steals from a single enemy

    Red Pin- Acquired at star level 15. Kid throws daggers at a single enemy.

    Hotshot – When you enter Kid’s past you have to enter the correct button sequence on a machine in order to receive this tech. Kid uses a device that Lucca invented.


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