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    Kidnapping is often used in videogames as a motivation for the protagonist to venture into unknown worlds and fight seemingly hopeless battles.

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    A kidnapping is when someone is taken against his or her will. It's up to the player to get this person back.The person who's been kidnapped is often detained by the kidnappers. The character looking for the person who's been kidnapped will do anything to get him or her back. Sometimes he must follow a set of clues left by the kidnapper ( Heavy Rain) or he may have to carry out an investigation to find out where his loved one is beeing held. One thing is sure is that he won't stop at anything to get his loved one back even when all seems hopeless. 
    In some cases the person who's been kidnapped starts to express love for his or her kidnapper, this is called stockholm syndrome and isn't common in video games. 
    Notorious kidnappers in video games are Bowser, Ganon, the Origami Killer and many others.

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