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Kidou Butouden G-Gundam ("Mobile Fighter G-Gundam") is a one-on-one fighting game for the Super Famicom which features mechs and pilots from the 1994 Kidou Botouden G-Gundam offshoot of the Gundam universe. G-Gundam is set in an alternate timeline and, instead of widespread warfare, conflicts are determined with a competitive fighting tournament.

As with most 16-bit Gundam licensed games it was never localized officially into English. However, in 2002 it was fan translated by the Aeon Genesis group.


The following characters are selectable in the versus mode. Only the five members of the "Shuffle Alliance" - Domon, Chibodee, Sai Saichi, George and Argo - can be selected in the game's story mode.

  • Domon/Shining Gundam: The Neo-Japanese representative and the main protagonist of the series. Brash and determined, he enters the tournament to look for information on his missing brother.
  • Domon/God Gundam: A variant on the Shining Gundam and far more powerful. Appears late in the anime's timeline. Not playable in the single-player mode.
  • Chibodee/Maxter Gundam: The Neo-American competitor and a big proponent of boxing. Has a friendly rivalry with Domon.
  • Sai Saichi/Dragon Gundam: The Neo-Chinese competitor whose Gundam, Dragon, is capable of shooting flames from its hands. He is the youngest fighter and practices Shaolin Kung Fu.
  • George/Rose Gundam: The Neo-French combatant whose Gundam, Rose, is fashioned like a medieval knight and fights with an enormous fencing sword. George is a nobleman who fights for the honor of France.
  • Argo/Bolt Gundam: The Neo-Russian competitor is a no-nonsense grappler. A former space pirate captain, Argo is coerced into fighting for Neo-Russia to avoid his crew coming to any harm.
  • Rain/Rising Gundam: Rain is Domon's training partner and love interest, and a fellow citizen of Neo-Japan. She piloted the Rising Gundam in a certain arc of the anime. Rising Gundam wields a spear like a Japanese samurai. She isn't playable in the single-player story mode.
  • Schwarz/Spiegel Gundam: Schwarz is the representative of Neo-Germany, an expert at ninjitsu and Domon's second mentor and ally. Has a mysterious past. Not playable in the single-player story mode.
  • Master Asia/Master Gundam: The reigning champion and undefeated warrior, Master Asia is the former mentor of Domon and eventually decides to work for the bad guys. He still retains his honor as a champion. He represents Neo-Hong Kong. Not playable in the single-player story mode.

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