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    Kileak: The DNA Imperative

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 09, 1995

    A corridor-based FPS. The evil Dr Kim has discovered a terrible DNA configuration and holds the fate of humanity in his diabolical hands. Your mission: Rescue a missing undercover agent and identify the nature of the DNA research being conducted.

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    The year is 2038. The "BYFLOSS" group is carrying out illegal gene-manipulation experiments in the South Pole. An international peace-keeping force (IPK), code-named "VISION", is dispatched to BYFLOSS's "South Base" installation to investigate, and to try and make contact with a missing undercover operative. Approaching the outskirts of the installation, VISION's transport helicopter comes under fire, causing it to crash-land. One soldier, Cpt. Takashi Koda, emerges unscathed from the wreckage, and sets out alone towards South Base.


    Takashi Koda: Captain of the "VISION" team. Player character.

    Carlos: "VISION" team member. Unbeknownst to Koda, Carlos survives the helicopter crash, and manages to get to South Base before him. Keeps in radio contact with Koda throughout the story.

    Dr. Kim: A rogue scientist. With South Base under his control, Kim is free to to continue his work, and futher his plans to unleash the life-form known as "KILEAK" upon the world.


    The player begins the game with a single weapon; a basic hand gun. New weapons are obtained from "Weapon Safes" hidden on various levels. It is possible for the player to miss these weapons, and be unable to obtain them for the rest of the game.

    Weapons types are split between projectile and energy, and draw from the same ammo pick-ups:

    WALES GUN: The initial weapon. Weak, but ammunition is plentiful.

    LASER GUN: An energy weapon. Equal in power to the WALES GUN.

    EROSION: Strong, but ammo is scarce.

    FLAMER: A flame-thrower. Triple the power of the LASER GUN, but consumes twice as much energy.

    ZAX: A fully automatic rifle. Equal in power to the WALES GUN, but with a much higher rate of fire.

    ERITRO CRION: A grenade launcher. Five times the damage of the WALES GUN.

    GAIA: A laser rifle. Similar is power to the ERITO CRION. Consumes four times the energy of the basic LASER GUN.

    VEDA: A missile launcher. This late game weapon is the strongest of all, though very little ammo is available to the player.


    The following items are dropped by enemies, or can be found scattered throughout the levels:

    Repair Parts: Restores HP. Comes in 3% and 10% variants.

    Battery: Restores energy. Also comes in 3% and 10% variants.

    Cartridge: Ammo for projectile weapons. Equals 40 shots for the WALES GUN, 40 rounds for the ZAX, 10 shots for the ERITRO CRION, 5 shots for the VEDA, or 3 shots for the EROSION.

    Key Card: Required to unlock certain doors. Keys don't move between levels.

    ID Card: Used to download a level map from a computer terminal.

    Record Card: Used to access SOUTH BASE staff recordings.

    Armor ROM: Automatically upgrades armor.


    The following can be found on every level, with the exception of Weapon Safes:

    Energy Unit: Used by the player to restore energy. Available on each level, it can be used multiple times.

    Computer Terminal: Used with either an ID Card or a Record Card.

    Switch: Used to remotely unlock doors, with some doors requiring multiple switches to be thrown in a specific order.

    Elevator: Used to exit a level, and to automatically trigger a save point. Previous levels can not be returned to, and there is no other way for the player to save.

    Weapon Safe: Contains new weapons.


    Protect Armor SJ107: A powered suit of armor, worn by Koda and Carlos. Radar and targeting sensors equipped as standard, with multiple weapon slots available. Usable in various weather conditions and terrains, it is also outfitted against bio-chemical attack. Thrusters are available for high-speed movement.

    Liger-class Assault Chopper: A modified army helicopter, capable of high-mobility, and armed with both a laser cannon and missile launchers. Doubles as a Protect Armor transport.

    Handy Muse: A personal information terminal. Manufactured by TPOZ, Japan. Compact in design, about the size of a wrist watch, it provides the wearer with operation details, analysis of enemy data, armor and weapon diagnostics, along with a computer interface and map functions. Relays information via a synthetic female speech module.


    • The opening FMV is edited in the US and EU releases to remove the credits of the four main development staff.
    • The US and EU releases contain no detailed localization credits..
    • Was followed nine months later by a sequel, Kileak The Blood 2: Reason in Madness.
    • Genki evolved the gameplay style of the Kileak games into a third game, Beltlogger 9, though this has no story connection to the earlier games.
    • The US and EU versions make no mention of "VISION" during the story, instead referring to the task force as "White Lightning".
    • Sony Magazines (now defunct) released a companion book, titled "Kileak The Blood - Offical Visual Book".
    • In 1996 Sony Records released an official soundtrack.
    • The Official UK Playstation Magazine awarded Kileak The Blood a rating of 4 out of 10.


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