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The official continuity as of 2020 consists of:

  • The Silver Case
    • Thebeginning of the series that informs all the subsequent games.
  • Flower, Sun, and Rain
    • The sequel to The Silver Case but featuring a mostly new cast
  • Killer7
    • Its continuity is debated but it is a Kill the Past title at a thematic level.
  • The 25th Ward: The Silver Case
    • The direct sequel to The Silver Case and Flower, Sun, and Rain
  • No More Heroes
    • While it features an all-new cast and story, some of its themes find their way

  • No More Heroes 2
    • The sequel to No More Heroes

  • Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes
    • This game brought everything together and made No More Heroes a more important Kill the Past title.
  • Red, Blue, and Green
    • An official script from Suda51 that bridges The 25th Ward with No More Heroes 3, making a direct link between the two series.
  • No More Heroes 3
    • The game has already been confirmed to become a Kill the Past title with returning characters from previous games.

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