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So, I just finished the game. As many of the reviews said the story is a tad confusing although I've structured what I think overall what was going on at least at the most obvious level.

Seems to me David's whole intention from the beginning was to essentially anoint Mondo "ruler of the moon" you could clearly see Mondo absorb a small amount of Dark Moon energy every time he killed one of the bosses. Slowly corrupting him.

I'm also assuming David had Dolly (I think that is her name?) try to obfuscate Mondo's true memories so he could be more easily manipulated. Even knowing the secret Mondo still didn't put two and two together until it was too late and he was corrupted. Still not sure what is going on with Mika and David I was thinking Mika was insinuating that she was actually a wire. Not sure. Although I don't see that being the case as wires are all hallow emotionless shells.

I also just replayed the 2nd Mission again and you can clearly hear Liam O'Brien a.k.a David's voice telling Mondo to "Wake up" and then at the end of the mission you can hear him say "Let the Killing begin" not sure if this implies that David was inside of Mondo's head from the beginning or what.

I'm interested to see other people's interpretations and deconstructions of the plot because while sort of obfuscated I think there is probably something interesting to this game underneath the surface.

So anyone have any other ideas about what is going on?

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I would talk story with you but I still don't understand the story farther than David is evil, Mondo becomes evil, and everyone had been connected to the moon somehow. I feel like there is actually an interesting narrative in the game, but they didn't finish enough levels to explain all of it. Unless they're planning to do some Asura's Wrath type DLC and release the chapters that will make everything make sense later on.

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I'd assume they're planning some sort of story DLC to tie the ending together/gouge money out of people. Either that or Suda 51 has lost his touch completely. Probably both.

Killer7 is one of my favourite games ever, mostly because of the plot and the ending. The hardest boss is at the end of mission 4 part 1 (Ayame Blackburn) everything after that involves the story tension ratchetting up as story threads start to tie together (even though it leaves a lot open to be read about on the internet.)

Killer is Dead just stops before anything even begins to resolve. So disappointing.

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@movius: It does end after reading up a bit more here are a pretty solid list of events. :

1. The Moon serves as a container for most of mankind's wickedness since at least ancient times which manifests as a malefic substance called Dark Matter. While a lot of Dark Matter goes to the moon, enough of it can infect nearby objects or creatures, turning them into Wires. Wires are either mindless corpses with a thirst for destruction or sentient creatures with sociopathic tendencies and delusions of grandeur.

2. The Moon Rivers, maidens who act as 'goddesses' of the Moon come into power either during or before this point. All of them are identical and have the authority/power to unleash the Dark Matter within the Moon upon the Earth to 'cleanse' it.

3. Bryan Roses works as an Executioner and strikes up a friendship with Yakuza, Hamada-Yama

4. David and Mondo are born

5. Mondo forms childhood memories with a unicorn named Takeru (who considers him to be his master) and (a) Moon River. The Moon River he knows eventually drowns while they are playing.

6. David and Mondo go their separate ways, though they're not too different. David becomes an Executioner in Bryan's Firm while Mondo gets employed by the government. Though the specifics of his job aren't stated, his mother finds it a dangerous and ill-fitting career for her son. David is estranged from both of them.

7. David's career as an Executioner eventually turns him into a Wire, driving him mad while giving him superhuman stamina and otherworldly powers.

8. Episode 1: David has assumedly made an alliance with Dolly at this point.

9. Bryan turns himself into a cyborg shortly after David leaves his service.

9-1. Musselback Origin Scenario 1 (in-game): David returns home in a homicidal rage and tries to murder his family. He succeeds in killing his mother, but before he can kill Mondo, Takeru rescues him and deposits Mondo (sans his left arm) in Bryan's office. Possibly a fake memory created by Dolly.

9-2. Musselback Origin Scenario 2 (from Suda interview): Mondo is one of the assassins tasked with killing his world's version of Osama bin Laden. The amount of Dark Matter released from bin Laden's death is so immense that Mondo's entire team gets infected and turned into Wires. Mondo's arm is infected, forcing him to cut if off and have it replaced with Musselback

10. Mondo finds Mika as a vagrant on the streets and takes her in. Dolly begins manipulating his memories and those of the Firm to forget about David.

11. Mondo wakes up one day with no memory and decides to be an Executioner

12. Alice takes a vacation to the Moon and is turned into a Wire by David

13. Episode 2

14. Episode 3

15. David stages a coup on the Moon and takes it over. Moon River escapes, forcing David to find an alternative way to break open the Dark Matter reserves of the Moon.

16. Episode 4

17. Episode 5

18. Episode 6

19. Episode 51

20. Episode 7

21. Episode 8

22. Episode 9

23. Episode 10

24. Episode 11

25. Episode 12

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