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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1984

    Horizontal Shoot em Up by Alligata Software released in 1984.

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    From the back of the Box:

    Explore the dark depths of the underground cavern. Patrol the eerie passages of this totally enclosed world. Seek out and destroy the 12 brilliant light bulbs, blasters at the ready to ward off the dangers of the flying men, armed with deadly bombs, carnivorous flying fish and marauding mechanical birds and their devastating eggs.

    Having successfully manoeuvred your patrol vehicle through this hazardous test of skill, your patch to the next level of difficulty is barred by the magical gateway, and you must fire at will to blast your way through to the next challenge of death.

    Superb, smooth scroll action with high resolution graphics and imaginative sound effects.


    Light-bulb12 of them are hanging from the ceiling, worth 200 Points
    Flying menworth 10 Points
    Flying Fishjumping out of the water, won't re-spawn, worth 10 Points
    Mechanical Birdrunning around at the floor back and forth, worth 10 Points



    • F1 - Select number of ships (1-5)
    • F3 - Select starting Level (1-5)
    • F5 - Select between Joystick or Keyboard controls
    • F7 - Music on / off
    • Spacebar - Start Game


    • Z - left
    • X - right
    • ; - up
    • ? - down
    • Spacebar - Fire

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