Summer Sideshow 2012 trailer

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The new map & weapons seem to work out pretty well, glad that they are always adding these around the steam sale events. There's a funny new trailer out that is pretty informative on the new items & the Hellride map though I think that the Abusement Park is still my favorite of these maps. Considering the cost this game tends to be enough fun with the perks, tons of free stuff & something that forces you into co-op as the horde will just pick you off quicker if you don't survive. Time to beat the summer heat with killing carnival themed monsters.

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That paraplegic bearded lady is sexy, and she knows it.

I hate the shop keeper though, she annoys the living hell out of me.

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#3 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Ohhhh shit. Time to reinstall KF.

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#4 Posted by fox01313 (5205 posts) -

@Grimhild: I don't mind her voice (then again bit of an anglophile as some family from there generations ago) but it'd be nice to get them to add a few other seasonal vendors as a change of pace from her.

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#5 Posted by Grimhild (795 posts) -


It's not the accent that bothers me, it's the tryhard sexual innuendos and bubbly comments. And it's not as terrible as I may make it seem, but every time a round is over and she opens her noise void, I feel like punching her in the neck.

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Im done with all summer sideshow achievements. Need help? Pm me :)

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