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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released February 2019 is a fast-paced 'Free for All' online multiplayer third-person shooter. Jump in different arenas, defeat your opponents using a range of customizable weapons, character customization and unlockable gear.

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    No Caption Provided is a third-person online multiplayer shooter, available for browsers and on Steam as of April 11th 2019, developed by SideQuest Software NZ. While played in a 3D environment, looking from behind the character's shoulders, the game only rotates around the X-axis, with the Y-axis locked horizontally.

    The start screen has a way to login with an account, but it isn't necessary to play the game. Moreover, this screen has a featured section for streaming on either Twitch or Youtube, as well as two links to the developer's Discord server. On-screen displays mention how to control the game. These button mappings are set as visuals, as there are no custom controls in

    The Steam page for the game is located here:

    The developer's site is here:


    Players start a round by choosing their character's look and loadout. Along with choosing a specific weapon, there are options for a different hat, head, costume and a name. The character is represented with detached appendages, much like Rayman games. Latency, frames per second (fps) and the specific server connection can be seen in the top left corner.

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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) opponents are added to the lobby if not enough players are available. Each person gets randomly dropped into the map. Areas are constructed with high wall hallways, similar to the DOOM era, periodically broken up with lower cover that can be used to either see opponents or to be shot through. There are three maps available at launch:

    • Warehouse Warfare
    • Bar Room Brawl
    • Carpark Carnage

    Everyone starts with the weapon they've chosen in their loadout. Additional weapons are strewn around on the floor. To win, players have to shoot and kill others in quick succession, racking up a kill streak for added points. Additionally, more kills unlock more coins that can be used for the game's progression. Handling a specific weapon grants experience for that item, which can be used to progress through added modifications for those guns.

    At the end of the round, the player with the most points wins, which gets announced a short time before the game is actually over. After that, a subsequent round starts almost immediately.


    Collecting coins from playing and obtaining kill streaks is the main way of unlocking more content, such as characters and new weapons. Guns additionally require playing them to gather experience, in order to unlock tiers of modifications. There are eight weapons that can be equipped in a loadout or found on the map floor, some of them being available only as paid content, rather than free-to-play options. The weapons are as follows:

    Free weapons:

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    1. G19 Pistol + Shield
    2. Magnum Revolver + Shield (unlocked with 100 coins)
    3. Sawnoff Shotgun
    4. AK47 Assault
    5. UZI SMG
    6. M24 Rifle

    V.I.P. Bundle Item weapons:

    1. M16 Assault
    2. SPAS Shotgun

    The shield option for the pistol and magnum protects from front fire, much like games such as Rainbow Six Siege. Weapons have a finite amount of ammo, encouraging players to pick up fresh ones off the floor. It's also possible to scavenge ammo from the same weapon, if found.

    Each weapon is differentiated by 13 categories:

    • Damage
    • Rate of Fire
    • Bullet Speed
    • Penetration
    • Damage Range
    • Aim Zoom
    • Aim Accuracy
    • Aim Recovery
    • Mobile Accuracy
    • Clip Size
    • Reload Speed
    • Ammo Capacity
    • Ammo Scavenge


    The following alterations that can be applied to the weapons are modeled after the AK47, which is the default loadout pick. Options may vary slightly, such as different ammo types.


    Skin patterns for the G19 Pistol + Shield
    Skin patterns for the G19 Pistol + Shield
    • Various cosmetics that follow the same progression pattern of requiring experience or being a paid V.I.P. bundle item.


    • Extended Mag
    • Double Mag (Level 10)
    • Quick Mag (Level 14)
    • Scavenger Mag (Level 18)
    • Custom Ammo (Level 22)


    • Rifled Barrel (Level 4)
    • Extended Barrel (Level 7)
    • Ported Barrel (Level 11)
    • Muzzle Choke (Level 15)
    • Barrel Grip (Level 19)
    • Hand Grip (Level 23)


    No Caption Provided
    • Red Dot Sight, (Level 5)
    • Reflex Optic sight (Level 12)
    • Holographic Optic sight (Level 20)
    • 2X ACOG Sight (Level 24)


    • Bump Stock (Level 8)
    • Foldable Stock (Level 16)
    • Adjustable Stock (Level 21)

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