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    Killzone 2

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Feb 27, 2009

    Take the fight to the Helghast in this first person shooter from Guerrilla Games.

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    Dazzling technical display that should have been so much more 13

    Killzone 2 reviewed on PlayStation 3 It is generally considered that to criticise something for what it does not do is fallacious. After all, it deserves to be judged on its own merits in isolation from what it may or may not have been, and to do so could prove a disservice to its creators. Killzone 2 is ostensibly a shooting game and what it does, it does pretty well. The control scheme is adeptly tailored to the two stick set-up, its visuals are gloriously bombastic and the action itself is m...

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    A must have 0

    The Playstation brand has had a hard time distinguishing itself in the market. Aside from Metal Gear, and a few other titles, the PS3 never had its showcase game. The game that came out and said “bro, Playstation, it’s here to stay!” Killzone 2 is a phenomenal game that is arguably the best action game in years. Everything from the sound design, to the incredible visuals, this game is what PS3 owners have been waiting for. Guerrilla’s delivered a technical masterpiece, and set a new standard for...

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    Guerrilla Delivers 0

    Killzone 2 probably has one of the most storied histories of any game in the past decade. In its now legendary E3 2005 premiere trailer it became the poster boy for the potential power of the Playstation 3. For the next four years speculation, and hype, or whether or not it could live up to this promise ran wild. Well, the game has finally arrived and I can honestly say that Killzone 2 has set the bar far above for any shooters to follow it on the PS3.You can't start any serious discussion witho...

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    A great body without a soul (SP only) 24

    Killzone 2 is interesting pairing of fantastic game framework and an IP that is...weak, to say the least.This means much of Killzone 2's gameplay is really quite good. It might be the best looking game yet on a home console system. Dark, urban enviroments are slick and appear more detailed than any game before it - and they're filled with plenty of awesome effects, including some nifty lighting effects that blend colors together and give off a sweet hazy look. I'm not a fan however of the usage ...

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    Retro review - Killzone 2 4

    OverviewNow, there are a lot of dark and dreary war is hell kind of games out right now, but the thing that makes Killzone 2 different is that it take that setting to the next level. The atmosphere is dark and depressing, and if you think you've seen this is games before, you've never seen it quite like this. From the brutal blood and gore to the downright depressing environments, Killzone 2 takes a worn out concept and makes it feel entirely new. But the thing that makes Killzone 2 so special ...

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    Awesome close combat warfare. 0

    I hear a lot of people complaining about the ArcTower Landing map, saying it is to close combat and is no room for any tactical combat, well I can tell you they are wrong.Both maps are fairly close combat, ArkTower Landing being the more closed in map, but in saying that there are tons of areas people usually don't go to and use to there advantage, there are many corridors and rooms which can be used as a spawning area or even to set up hidden turrets.The Arktower features a dark and stormy sky ...

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    Killzone 2 Review - Fight the good fight. 0

    I think it’s hard to imagine anyone not hearing of Killzone 2.  For the few of you that haven’t been following the game, here’s a quick rundown. Killzone 2 was first shown to the public back at E3 2005 to show what was coming out and what the Playstation 3 could do.  When that was shown, there were a lot of talks whether the footage that was shown was in game or pre-rendered. After that, the game went silent until E3 2007 and 2008, where more trailers were shown, was actually in game. Still, the...

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    Thrillhouse! (Or another flavour of the month shooter) 0

    Killzone 2 : Stop me when you’ve heard this pitch before. Imagine a first person shooter where you play as bulky space marines battling evil invaders. The kids will totally eat it up. Story : You play as “Sev”, part of a troop of marines on a mission to invade the enemy homeworld and capture their leader. The enemy is the “Helghast”, a literal army of British Darth Vaders with machine guns. It’s as if someone asked the designers to come up with the most evil concept design for armoured enemy sol...

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    Good but generic 0

    Everyone told me that Killzone 2 was the first game to get when I purchased a PS3. They said it would blow my mind and keep me hooked. Well at first they were right but after a few hours I was just bored. The game did draw me in at the beginning with its gorgeous cinematics . But after playing for a while I found that it was just another shooter with your average tight ass space marines or whatever you want to call them. I didn't really care about the story. In fact I don't really even remember ...

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    Killzone 2 Review 0

    This review has been deleted.  This review has been deleted.     This review has been deleted. This review has been deleted. This review has been deleted. This review has been deleted. This review has been deleted. This review has been deleted.s review has been deleted. This review has been deleted.This review has been deleted. This review has been deleted. This review has been review has been deleted. This review has been deleted. This review has been deleted.This review has...

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    Great Despite unexceptional story 0

    Cross-posted with my site gammatesting.comKillzone 2 is an expertly made, AAA video game. It’s one of the best looking game I’ve played. The models and animations are fluid and life-like, the details gritty and immersive. This is just a flat out, no denying it, impressive visual experience. The game play is standard, solid First Person fun, on par and in line with next-gen classics like Call of Duty 4 — not quite that good, but in the same ballpark. You run around massive, war-torn neighborhoods...

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    A Must-Have for Any FPS Fan 0

     This is definitely Sony's answer to Halo. This doesn't mean Halo is a horrible game or anything, but Microsoft has Halo and now Sony can brag with it's Killzone.Before going into the technical aspects of the game, I think it's key to discuss the controls and story. The controls, regardless of the endless complaints, are just fine. Anyone complaining about 'stiff controls' should know they could just go into their settings and up their sensitivity for the Y and X axis of their analog sticks. I i...

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    Killzone 2 0

    Killzone 2 has been under the radar since its infamous debut trailer was seen at E3 2005. Nearly a year and a half before the PS3 was even out, the game was making enough of an impact to start gathering immediate attention. Since its predecessor failed to be the self-proclaimed "Halo killer" it was promised as, Killzone 2 had a lot to live up to. Four years later, after a snowball effect of hype, Killzone 2 was released and justified gamers' eager anticipation.A quick synopsis of the game for th...

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    Not a Killer App but Pretty Close 0

    My review is posted on my blog here but I'll just copy it here: (Pictures are from the wiki)During times like these, it’s difficult for a first person shooter to stand out. To be distinct from the massive crowd of shooters, a game has to offer a large dose of creativity. Those that don’t are often regarded as generic, and are soon forgotten. Killzone 2 seems to be a sort of exception to this observation. Although very little new gameplay elements are implemented, it proves to be an excellent sho...

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    Redemption 0

    The original Killzone suffered from an overabundance of hype. Billed by Sony as a Halo-killer, the game inevitably fell short of expectations when it turned out pretty average. In 2005, a trailer for Killzone 2 was unveiled at E3 showcasing incredible graphics and chaotic setpieces. Many doubted Guerrilla's ability to deliver on the promises of that trailer, and it seemed as if the second Killzone might go the way of the first. Luckily, the truth is far more inspiring; Guerrilla and Sony have pe...

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    This warzone is definitely fit for the title of Killzone 0

    Though my time with the game may be short, it was enjoyed to the peak that the Playstation 3 really needed. With great graphics and gameplay, this game shows that it has what it takes to compete with those of the Xbox 360. The controls feel really picky in single player, but with the removal of the cover system in the online play, it feels like an FPS should.The singleplayer is not bad in any sense. It provides its own sense of enjoyment with little to no boring segments. It sucks you in, but I ...

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    Killzone 2 is finally out! 0

    Its amazing to think that a trailer shown in a video montage at Sony's E3 2005 Press Conference would be the biggest subject of controversy before the current generation would even begin. But despite the mass amounts of pressure put on the development team, Killzone 2 would be destined to be that game everyone got excited about when that first trailer hit. In short, Killzone 2 is quite possibly the most intense, and thrilling shooter you will find on the market today. Is it the best? Probably no...

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    Two is better than one, but for $6, more would still be nice. 1

    I think it's safe to say that everyone was/is a little skeptical about Steel and Titanium's hefty price tag of six dollars. I mean, come on, it's two maps. But I'd like to get this out of the way right now: it's totally worth it. Sure, it's only two new maps, but they're incredible new maps (which we'll talk about later), plus three new ranks. It's a little disappointing that no new classes were added, but the new ranks have high requirements that will keep you playing for a long time, since yo...

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    Sony's FPS Actually Awesome 7

    Okay, this game has lived up to the hype - graphics, music, action, controls, etc. On top of all of that good stuff, it doesn't have shitty load times or some bigass install for your HDD like many other titles. Killzone is a technical giant that rides your PS3 like Armstrong rides a bicycle. Whatever that meant; I actually cannot describe how positive my feelings are about the game. So what sucks about Killzone 2? Crappy dialogue delivered by bad voice work and a story that is just so lame that ...

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    Well worth playing, but doesn't live up to the hype 30

    Story: You play Sev - a special forces grunt who's at the frontlines of an operation to take down the dictator for the Helgast planet, who's violent and extreme ways have made him an unacceptable risk to the univers.. To put it short the Helgast is pretty much a mix of evil commies and Nazis with British accent and low IQ's.. and the game's story follow you trough the war and the fall of the dictator.. Gameplay: Killzone 2 is a fairly liniar first person shooter - you aim, you shoot, you reloa...

    8 out of 26 found this review helpful.

    A Good Game that is far from Perfect. 9

    Everyone has read about this game and it has had a lot of expectations and hype since the initial E3 trailer which was claimed to be real time gameplay.  I have to say the look and feel of the game very much delivers on what we say in that first trailer, the look of the game and the feel, it is very cinematic.  The gameplay is solid while the campaign does a good job of keeping you entertained while you are offline.  Killzone 2 is not perfect, however, because of some minor flaws here and there,...

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    Killzone 2 singleplayer not all it could be 8

    I felt a bit dissappointed with Killzone 2. I was expecting a grand single player experience with good story, interesting characters and great visuals and sound. I felt I only got delivered the last two, the game has awesome visuals and sounds and good production values overall. However; I feel the story and characters are real big dissappointments. The story is real basic and has no real drive, it's actually quite boring. And the characters all seem flat and uninteresting. I don't play multipla...

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    Killzone 2 is a masterpieice of graphics and gameplay. 0

    Killzone 2 had some big shoes to fill when it came out. Between all of the trailers we've seen up til then, and the infamous pre-rendered trailer from 2005, people were expecting that world and more from the game. Putting all that aside, let's take a look at the game as it is, for what it is, and put aside all of the hype surrounding it.Graphically, the game is amazing, if you go back and take a close look at the 2005 trailer then you'll most likely agree with me when I say the final game looks...

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    Can You Survive in the Killzone? 0

    WARNING: May contain Spoilers and/or Bad Language!Now, I never played the first Killzone.  In my opinion, it's because the DualShock 2 isn't designed to play FPS games (having used the Xbox controller for Halo).  I watched my brother played it and he said it wasn't that great but the A.I. bots were good.  Anyways, 4 years and a lot of hype later - we have Killzone 2.  Here's what I thought of the game:You play as Sev, one of the marines of the ISA Special Forces Alpha Team.  You and your team...

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    High average scores a case of fanboyism, or is my game broken? 0

      Review for the single-player part of Killzone 2.  When it comes to FPS games I am the kind of guy who sits down and plays them through in one go. I'd do this with any games I come across, but FPS games have the decency of being short enough for it to actually be doable. I played Killzone 2 on the Veteran difficulty, on my first playthrough, and this is what I have to say about it:  Summed up, Killzone 2 is not remarkable, and certainly not the "Answer to the 360's Gears of War", it is in fact...

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    My Killzone 2 review (Mostly spoiler free) 3

    Note: This is a review I did for my fellow clan members of THE SYNDICATE. I have finished the single player, and have played all objectives of MP in all maps with bots. I will also try to keep this as spoiler free as possible. I hope you find this informative. Please let me know what you think, i'll be happy with either comments or brickbats. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I was not sure how to add a review on the KZ2 page, or to my own page, so I thought i'd put it up here. ...

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    The Nemesis Reviews: Killzone 2 0

    Hey, my fellow g1s, nemesis274 here and what I am about to give you is my very first review on a Playstation 3 exclusive. This game was just so awesome I think I might be considered a somewhat fanboy towards it. What is that game you may ask? Well, to those g1s who I communicate via Skype, they probably know what I am talking about, but to those who did not know, it’s none other than Killzone 2!Now just to let you know, I was not originally a fan of the Killzone series. I never played the first ...

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    Absolutely Stunning Title! 5

    I've been playing it for a little over 5 hours and already from the jaw-dropping visuals to the absolutely incredible multiplayer I can tell this was well worth the price of admission. Although the story isn't exactly the most compelling thing you will find, there are tons of extra things to do inside the campaign and all sorts of unlockables that you will re-visit the campaign. From the campaign there is the incredible multiplayer, which at first glance is a lot like any other multiplayer game ...

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    Killzone 2 proves that you don't need a pedigree to be awesome. 0

     Last generation Halo ruled the roost as far as console first person shooters were concerned. The game that built X-Box was pretty much unrivaled, both in sales and quality. Hoping to counter this behemoth of a series, Sony announced Killzone, a FPS title by Guerrilla Games that was billed as a "Halo killer." Unfortunately, the game was released to very poor fanfare, with critics and gamers a like blasting its poor controls, framerate issues, and overall bug riddled design. When Killzone 2 was a...

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    Exhaustive FPS that tests your patience as much as your trigger. 0

    Killzone 2 delivers an adrenaline-fueled, photorealistic sci-fi battlefield with a sizeable single-player campaign and deep multiplayer offering. It easily sits atop the PS3 shooter lineup alongside CoD 4 and MW2.   But my word is this game exhausting.   I can appreciate a challenging, balls-to-the-wall FPS slugfest. Killzone 2 certainly doesn't pull any punches. This is a meathead space marine shooter that will punish you if you're not patient and methodical. Your only way to stay alive is b...

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    Best shooter on the PS3 0

    I bought the game when it came out, and since then have beaten it twice.  The single-player experience is excellent and captivating, while the multiplayer is second to none on the PS3.  I still jump in from time to time to play on the excellent maps shipped on the disc, as well as the great DLC maps that have been released since then.  The multiplayer section of the game includes multiple different player classes, as well as the ability to switch some of each class' abilities between the other c...

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    The right formula, just nothing is done with it 0

    My first impressions of Killzone 2 were great because of it's detailed graphics and powerful shooting but as I delved further into it I realized while they had the formula for a brilliant fps they did nothing interesting with that formula more so than the first few levels. The campaign drags on through one gritty shootout to the next with little to keep it fresh, they do somethings to keep it varied but they stay extremely safe in ways of doing this. You get new weapons, none of which are really...

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    A great game that ultimately feels like a missed opportunity. 0

    PlayStation 3 or not, we've all been following Killzone 2 with eager eyes for a long, long time. Would Killzone 2 finally be that killer first person shooter that Sony so desired? Would it be that game that finally drew the Xbox shooter crowd over to the PlayStation? The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no, but let it be known that Killzone 2 is a great game, and it will undoubtedly give anyone who picks up a PlayStation 3 controller a highly enjoyable experience. It has most of the i...

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    A great shooter - worth buying a PS3 just to play it 0

     After playing this game – I now want a PS3. It’s a shooter, nothing unique about it I suppose, but it’s done really well. It’s slick, the graphics are fantastic, and it’s hella fun. Plotwise there’s really not much to it, but it really doesn’t matter. Definitely the sort of game worth buying a PS3 for. Four stars.    ...

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    must own for PS3, must rent for the hardcore 0

    The level of polish is amazing on killzone 2. -The graphics are awesome!  period.-Great UI, your always focused on the screen and not bars. -Great save system, You never have to replay a lot of the game -Bad enemies, there's not a lot of variety. your basically fighting the same guy over and over -good pacing. The game does its best to switch things up i.e. HALO   Dante Garza's head blown off! if your reading this review then your probably a hardcore gamer and if you haven't played this game the...

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    You won't be disappointed for one of 2009's best games. 0

     I think alot of people remember the flop Killzone 1 was. I remember borrowing it from a friend expecting a great game. I was definitely disappointed after playing the generic FPS. When I heard Guerrilla Games were making a second I didn't really care. But now after playing it, they sure have improved in creating videogames. Let's start with the campaign. After a short section where you walk through the main ship to your landing pod (not sure exactly what it is) you're thrown straight in...

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    Great new maps 0

    After the mediocre first DLC pack, I wasn't sure Id like this pack. But both these maps are wide open and interesting, with a design that encourages tactical play.Southern hills has a nuclear blast that will kill players outdoors, so controlling the centre building is of key importance. Useful placement of repairable turrets makes engineer's secondary ability more usefull than on most maps. Teamwork is rewarded on this map since controlling the centre requires a number of key locations to be pro...

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    The Bitbag reviews- Killzone 2 0

    Killzone 2 hype began during E3 2005 when Sony first unveiled their infamous teaser trailer. Everyone believed it was CG and rightfully so. A week later former SCEA vice-president Phil Harrison stated that in fact, all the games shown at E3 2005 were done to PS3 specs. Since then the hype machine started growing bigger and bigger and many believed it would be Sony’s answer to Microsoft franchises Halo and Gears Of War. Has KZ2 delivered on all promises? Killzone 2 starts where Killzone: Liberati...

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    Medicore DLC 0

    Vekta Cruiser is a small map good for no more than 20 players. The map feels claustrophobic and repetitive.Wasteland Bullet is a little more fresh than Vekta Cruiser and hazards on the map forces the player to stay on his/her toes and warry of the environment. However, this only has short term appeal. Once the novelty of dodging pillars wears off, it just ends up being annoying.Overall, this map pack doesn't do much to freshen up the multiplayer experience. The second pack is much better in this...

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    A slightly above average Generic Space Marine FPS 0

     I'll be honest with you right off the bat, I am tired of First Person Shooters, it is an over saturated genre this generation and it's become ridiculous with games like Call of Duty, Far Cry, KillZone, Halo, Team Forstress, MAG, Battle field Bad company, etc. it's all starting to become generic and become all the same. Usually these games have are become less Single Player Oriented and more Multiplayer oriented and I absolutely hate this trend because they are going as far as preventing ...

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    A very good and very important game for the PlayStation 3. 0

    Retrospectively, writing in April of 2010, Killzone 2 is a game which was not help by the hype it received before the game’s release. It was a level of hype that was unavoidable, irregardless of where you want to point to: the famous E3 trailer, the poor showing of the original game, the amount of money and time Sony put behind the project. My concern lies with the fact that none of this could have helped the game’s stature and the way it was perceived by the public. Killzone 2 is a very, very g...

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    Killzone 2 Review 0

    Killzone 2 is a first person shooter exclusively for the PS3. You will be taking on the part of Sev, a soldier in the army, who has been sent along with said army to try to capture a very powerful man. You'll have to go through several stages where you're always going to be outnumbered, but you're a real soldier and so it is your job to keep going.The graphics for this game are stunning. This is probably the best PS3 game I've ever seen. The character models, gun models, and level designs look a...

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    Sitoxity Reviews - Killzone 2 0

      Killzone 2, for the Playstation 3, is an exclusive First-Person Shooter with a sort of World War 2-esque Sci-Fi setting. Compared to others in the market just now, such as Call of Duty 4 and 5, and Halo 3, it's slighty more slower paced, but still packs a hell of a lot of action. The graphics, to put simply, are stunning in motion. I was skeptical before I got a PS3, thinking it just looked good because of the amount of blur and grain added. I was wrong. This game is gorgeous. I cannot ...

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    Yes. Just, yes. 0

    Buy this game. Why? Because it's an epic shooter for the Playstation 3.   The game has awesome online modes, a terrific campaign, and an absolutely freaking kick ass nature. The guns, the graphics, the gore, the story, the insane online play, the characters, the environment, EVERYTHING. It's an excellent AAA title for the PS3.   If you like shooters, buy it. Just buy it. ...

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