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    Killzone 2

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Feb 27, 2009

    Take the fight to the Helghast in this first person shooter from Guerrilla Games.

    centurioncajun's Killzone 2 (PlayStation 3) review

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    Guerrilla Delivers

    Killzone 2 probably has one of the most storied histories of any game in the past decade. In its now legendary E3 2005 premiere trailer it became the poster boy for the potential power of the Playstation 3. For the next four years speculation, and hype, or whether or not it could live up to this promise ran wild. Well, the game has finally arrived and I can honestly say that Killzone 2 has set the bar far above for any shooters to follow it on the PS3.

    You can't start any serious discussion without first addressing the graphics. While they may not be quite as good as the infamous E3 trailer quite simply they are stunning. The level of animation and detail are on par with what many games provide in fully CGI cut scenes. At times you'll find yourself just watching in awe at how fluid and beautiful the entire display is. The only thing marring these mind blowing visuals is the fact that you're confined to either a crumbling, perpetually twilight city, or walking around in the desert.

    The story on the other hand could have used some more attention. While it's a functional reason to justify a planetary invasion it doesn't go much further than that. Most of the characters, including the protagonist, are one dimensional characters you've probably seen in any number of action movies: the hard ass Sergeant, the sexy female scientist, the ruthless enemy commander. Then there's the ending. I won't spoil it for you but needless to say it is rather disappointing in how abrupt it is.

    Perhaps the greatest bone of contention amongst gamers will probably be a key design decision made for the game. Namely the "weight" of the weapons. Killzone 2 isn't Call of Duty or Halo in the speed of movement and aim. Weapons slowly swing from side to side to represent that you are in fact holding a ten plus pound weapon of death and not a feather. Whlie this decision adds to the realism it can also be frustrating when first starting. However, most gamers shouldn't have any issues after the first hour of so.

    The main story is what gamers will jump into first but the multiplayer is what's going to keep them around for months to come. Killzone 2 sports one of the most innovative and deep multiplayer systems in a long time. Instead of having a half dozen or more different gameplay modes Guerrilla has rolled them all into one. During a typical match at every five minute interval a new gameplay mode will begin be it deathmatch, assassination, etc. This will ensure that certain gameplay modes arn't completely neglected and multiplayer will always maintain a "fresh" feeling as the situation is constantly changing.

    The class system is equally as deep. While every player will begin as a simple infantryman with a rifle experience gained will allow progression through various ranks. As new ranks are unlocked more classes and weapons will be revealed. After some concentrated gaming medics, engineers, assault troopers and many more become available. In the coming months Killzone 2's multiplayer will become a vary diverse place with a half dozen different ways to fight. In addition to unlocking more classes actions in multiplayer will unlock ribbons and badges. These accomplishments will allow the player to carry more ammo, grenades, and other perks.

    In short Killzone 2 has corrected almost all of the problems experience in the first Killzone. The visuals are stunning, the shooting is fun, and the multiplayer is superb. This is the game that Sony needed to begin to build a unique set of blockbusters for the PS3. Now all we can do is play multiplayer while we wait for the inevitable sequel.

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