So was getting the Helghast Edition worth it?

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So I personally love the Killzone franchise (as seen in my avatar) however I still haven't bought Killzone 3. I was in Best Buy the other day and noticed they have 4 Helgast Editions left over for $80 which I believe is $50 under what it was. So from people that bought it was it worth the extra cash for the Helmet, book, and the action figure?

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It's defiantly not worth the full price but for $80 I'd get it. My friend gotmit and the action figure looks cool and so does the helmet.

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I bought it for $130 from EB Games. Definitely not worth it. The helmet looks cool and the action figure is alright. The artbook and unlock bonuses were negligible within a day. Killzone 3 represents my biggest gaming purchase regret ever. Initially I wasn't going to buy the game at all, then I decided I would get it after I saw some multiplayer videos, then I got hyped up and decided to go for the big Helghast edition to get the bonuses. Mistake. As of right now, I don't enjoy the online at all anymore, and the game will continue to collect dust on my shelf. I fired up MW2 yesterday and then KZ3 for a quick comparison, now that I've taken a break from both and while I thought I hated CoD, I find myself enjoying it a hell of a lot more. BFBC2 is still the king of the team FPS and CoD is still the king of arcade lone wolf run and gun action.

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